Elevate Holistics’ purpose is to elevate people’s health naturally. By providing our HIPAA compliant, easy to use online platform to obtain a medical marijuana card, we connect you with medical marijuana doctors online right away. You can be communicating with a board-certified physician for as little as $75 and in 30-minutes, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The best part? It's all from home.

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We’ll guide you through each step of the medical marijuana evaluation process, even offering information about the best medical cannabis dispensaries in your area.

Our Process
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    Book Your Appointment

    Booking your appointment to get your medical marijuana card has never been easier. Just pull up our calendar by clicking Book Now, selecting your state, and then choosing the day and time that works best for you. We can even file your application with the state by selecting the full-service add-on. Everything can be done from home and using a smartphone. Let’s get you scheduled.

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    Your Information is 100% Secure

    Our secure site allows you to safely file your personal information with 256-bit encryption, versioning, and audit tracking. Once you’ve booked and paid for your appointment, you’ll be prompted to log into your dashboard to complete your intake and health form. After those are filled out, all you have to do is log in to speak with a doctor at your appointment time. We also offer discounts for veterans, medicare, and will submit state paperwork if you like. Answer a few questions and we’ll connect you with a physician to get you certified and on your way to consuming cannabis legally.

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    HIPAA-Compliant Privacy

    Using HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software, you’ll have a personal consultation with a licensed physician. Once that is complete you’ll either have us submit your paperwork or download your physician form and submit that to the state to complete the application process. With a team of professionals available to help you through the process, you’ll quickly see why Elevate Holistics is the obvious choice for going through Oklahoma’s, Missouri’s, Arkansas's, Maryland's, Illinois', Pennsylvania's, or Texas' medical marijuana licensing system. Pick an appointment and take the first step.



Elevate Holistics has served thousands of patients, and is innovating to provide doctors & patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience. Check out how we have helped these people:

  • Johna Russell Scott

    Johna Russell Scott

    on Facebook | Mar 01, 2021

    Very easy to fill out forms and talk to the doctor

  • Matthew Swink

    Matthew Swink

    on Facebook | Feb 28, 2021

    imformative and friendly staff very helpful and thorough.

  • Christina Stivers

    Christina Stivers

    on Facebook | Feb 27, 2021

    easy page navigation, quick to reply to my questions. teledoc was nice and quick. totally recommend them!

  • Jeanie Anderson

    Jeanie Anderson

    on Facebook | Feb 27, 2021

    Yes they were a big help to me, I had no idea how to go about getting started on this journey.

  • Ronnie Watkins

    Ronnie Watkins

    on Facebook | Feb 24, 2021

    Tired of the state trying to make it hard for elderly getting MMC when my pain is so great

  • Tosh Newton

    Tosh Newton

    on Facebook | Feb 23, 2021

    Interview was quick and easy!

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Same-day Evaluations

Same-day medical card evaluations from home

Let us know a little about yourself, and we'll help you get starting by checking if you qualify for a medical card in your state.

  • HIPPA-compliant platform with 256-bit encryption. Safe, secure telemedicine!
  • Approval in 30-minutes or less!
  • Fast, affordable, and effective!
  • Friendly doctors!
  • Guaranteed 100% money-back if you cannot be approved!

Medical Cannabis Certification

Why Medical Marijuana Doctors are Necessary.

The vast majority of doctors don't have a great understanding of cannabinoids due to a woefully archaic medical schooling system. In fact, most medical schools don't even offer classes on the endocannabinoid system! This is the system in the body that interacts with THC, CBD, and other phytocannabinoids in cannabis. Crazy, right? While this is changing, the majority of doctors in America can't truly point people in the right direction when it comes to cannabis as a medicine. This is where Elevate Holistics comes in by offering you a full staff of healthcare professionals that can take you from CBD to THC, to pharmaceutical interactions, and treatment plans. Make sure to ask your physician and Elevate staff anything on your mind so we can get you the resources you need to Elevate your health naturally.

The Elevate Holistics Promise

We are a team who believes in the medical benefits of cannabis and we are keenly aware that a large percentage of the population doesn’t know where to start on their cannabis journey. This is why we promise to treat every patient with respect, compassion, and love.

We’re all on our own journey and we promise to respect yours. If you want to know more about our values as a business check out the About Us page.


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