The Best Way to Find a Caregiver in Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program

Nov, 2020
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Have you been looking for legal cannabis after noticing dispensaries haven't opened near you? Have you been looking to grow marijuana for other patients in need?

Elevate Holistics is excited to announce our first patient/caregiver partnership with SafeCannaHaven!

They offer completely legal, discrete, safe cannabis patient/caregiver matching so you can access home-grown medicine without waiting for the store-fronts to open. After your virtual appointment with Elevate Holistics, and once you have the state approval, you can become a member in Missouri for less than $40 a month!

Finally! We can provide patients with access to medicine and a way for authorized cultivators to help more patients. We're SO excited to offer this one-of-a-kind service with your appointment!

Click the link below to join the SAFECANNAHAVEN cannabis community and networking platform. After signing up you can be purchasing and/or growing cannabis!


Elevate Holistics is an online cannabis clinic centered offering patients medical cannabis cards, pharmacist assistance, CBD consultations, state application set-up, and holistic wellness consultations. We've served thousands of Missourians and look forward to continuing to serve the community.

If you're ready to book your appointment to become a cannabis patient, click this link to get started: