Elevate Holistics + HempWorx – Bringing You High Quality CBD to Your Mailbox

Oct, 2020
Image for Elevate Holistics + HempWorx – Bringing You High Quality CBD to Your Mailbox

High quality, satisfaction guaranteed, CBD products delivered to my door? Yes please!

If you know much about the CBD industry, you know there are a plethora of things to consider before purchasing a product to ensure that it's right for you. You have the various types of spectrums (full, broad, & isolate), testing, where is the product sourced (US or China), what are the quality guarantees, and let's really just the start of it!

On the business side, in order for us to have an e-commerce shop of CBD we have to jump through months of hoops with merchant banks, find the right supplier, gather their documentation, and build the e-commerce shop. We figure why do that when we can use a service like HempWorx?

HempWorx has some of the highest quality products on the market, satisfaction guaranteed, and is committed to giving you all the education you need to feel comfortable making a purchase. You can access all of the products and educational materials at the link here:

If you're unsure what to purchase, please give us a call and ask about our CBD consultation led by our very own, Aspen Sennewald. She has all the knowledge and expertise you need to make an educated decision. The consultation is as long as you need and costs $15. You can reach us at 660.205.2215.

Our purpose is to elevate people's health naturally. By offering top of the line CBD products, we're one step closer to fulfilling that purpose.


Elevate Holistics offers online medical cannabis certifications for residents of Oklahoma and Missouri. We've served 6000+ happy patients and have a 99.9% 5-star rating out of 500+ reviews. If you're ready to get your medical marijuana card, you can call us at 660.205.2215 or book your appointment at .