Steer Clear of Fake MMJ Card Companies in PA

Jun, 2022
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The U.S. medical marijuana industry is a multibillion-dollar market with various segments, including the medical marijuana cards. It is no surprise that many companies are springing up to tap into the industry’s fortunes. Unfortunately, this also means that many fraudulent companies are emerging to lead patients astray. 

Mmj Cards In Pa

About Fake MMJ Cards

The production of fake MMJ cards can range from amateurish attempts using basic desktop publishing software or printing techniques, to professionally-manufactured versions using counterfeiting techniques and high-end printers that can produce very realistic-looking documents. Computer-generated graphics, watermarks, and perforated edges are all common components found on fake cards. Unfortunately, these features may be enough for some businesses or dispensaries to accept them as legitimate forms of identification.

Although it is possible for fake MMJ cards to be recognized by certain establishments as authentic, law enforcement agencies have become increasingly skilled at detecting counterfeit documentation. The use of sophisticated scanners and software systems has enabled them to identify fraudulent medical marijuana cards quickly and efficiently. For this reason, anyone wishing to purchase or possess medicinal cannabis should always ensure that their card is genuine before attempting any type of transaction involving it.

In addition to being illegal in most states, the use of fake MMJ cards often leads to serious consequences including fines, jail time, court costs and other penalties that can have long-term impacts on a person’s life. Fake documents also often lack important information such as legal age requirements or dosage limits which can lead to complications down the line if not properly scrutinized by authorities prior to purchase or usage. Furthermore, purchasing products with a false ID carries its own set of risks since no form of quality control can be applied when obtaining products from unreliable sources.

Fraudulent MMJ Card: A Trend?

More recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Health received complaints from licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors about companies using fraudulent means to lure patients to get an MMJ card in PA. 

These recent complaints pile on other fraud MMJ cards incidences that occurred across the country in the past.

Previously, the industry dealt with cases of fake MMJ cards, unlicensed online MMJ doctors, and fraud MMJ card companies collecting fees from patients without delivering proposed services. 

As a patient intending to access an MMJ card in PA, it's crucial you understand how to avoid falling into the web of fake MMJ cards and online MMJ doctors.

Below are some tips on how you can connect with state-licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors and steer clear of the fraudsters. 

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Fraud MMJ Card in PA

The instance mentioned above is one of the many instances involving Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors. 

Generally, you could fall victim to any of the following common fraud MMJ cards schemes in PA:

  • Getting ripped off by supposed online MMJ doctors who are neither licensed nor have access to the state’s medical marijuana program.
  • Being issued fake MMJ cards that have no link to PA’s MMJ program. Some companies issuing fake MMJ cards in PA might insist you pay extra to have your printed medical marijuana card shipped to you.
  • Falling prey to fake MMJ cards companies that claim to but have no licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctor on their database.

Possessing fake MMJ cards could get you in legal trouble in PA. But, how can you avoid these fraud MMJ card scams? 

Know the State Requirements for MMJ Card in PA

To get an MMJ card in PA, you must have a PA driver’s license or any alternative ID card issued by the state’s Department of Transportation.

Secondly, you must create a profile on PA’s medical marijuana registry. Finally, a state-approved PA MMJ doctor must certify that you suffer from a qualifying medical condition before you can obtain your MMJ card.

Any company, individual, or website that says you don’t need any of these to get your MMJ card in PA is most likely taking money from patients and offering them fake MMJ cards. You cannot trust them! 

Know Your PA MMJ Doctor

The Pennsylvania Department of Health does not permit PA MMJ doctors to advertise — in any way — that they certify patients for medical marijuana cards.

Mmj Cards In Pa

However, legitimate MMJ card companies in PA can partner with licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors to serve patients.

This means such companies can help you book appointments with PA MMJ doctors closest to you. If the company is a telehealth service provider, they can schedule an appointment for you with any of their online MMJ doctors.

However, fraudulent companies can list anybody or an unlicensed physician as a state-authorized PA MMJ doctor, collect fees, and book patient appointments. 

To be sure you’re not falling prey to a fraudulent process, you can check the state’s DOH registry of approved MMJ practitioners to confirm that the doctor you’re booked with is part of the licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors.

That way, you can be sure you’re not paying money for a fake appointment with a supposed MMJ doctor.

Know What a Shady Deal Looks Like

No legitimate PA MMJ card company would ask for your social security number, credit card number, or any other financially implicating details to facilitate helping you get MMJ cards in PA.

Also, be wary of companies that insist you must pay for the state’s fees through them before they can process your MMJ card. The fees a legitimate MMJ company can insist you pay them should be the fees for their service charge and physician appointment. 

For your medical marijuana card, you can make a direct payment to the state. However, if you see reasons that make it more convenient to pay through the company, then you can pay through the company — but no legitimate company would tell you that you MUST pay for the state application through them.

Go for a Legitimate Company; Think Elevate Holistics

One way to avoid falling victim to fake MMJ card companies is to seek the services of legitimate companies like Elevate Holistics.

With a presence in 15 states, including Pennsylvania, we have been helping thousands of patients quickly renew or get new MMJ cards at affordable rates, without hassles. We can help you get your MMJ card in PA in 3 easy steps. 

Our services include booking your appointment with a PA MMJ doctor you can trust and processing your PA MMJ card as fast as possible. Just click the scheduler below to get started.

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