How to Renew Your MMJ Card in Missouri? Step by Step Online with Discounts!

Sep, 2020
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If you’re an MMJ cardholder in Missouri, you probably already know that the first wave of patient license renewals is in effect. The Missouri medical marijuana program requires that you re-up yearly. That means when you reapply, you will also need a new physician certification. Learn how to renew your Missouri MMJ card.

Elevate Offers Huge Discount on Physician Recertifications for patients renewing their medical marijuana card in Missouri.

To show appreciation to Missouri patients and in keeping with our mission to provide access to safe and secure cannabis doctors, we’re offering recertification to any patient renewing their MMJ card for only $75.00 — that’s $50 off our normal $125 price!

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How to Renew Your Missouri MMJ Card: Elevate’s Easy Discount Recertification Process

1. Go to or follow the link here.

2. Click on the “Book Now” button at the top right corner.

3. Select “MISSOURI” and choose the renewal appointment option in the appointment drop-down menu.

4. Select the time and date that best works for you and follow the rest of the sign-up process to book the appointment. This will include the intake and health form, which must be completed prior to seeing the doctor.

Your appointment can be conducted from the convenience of your cell phone or at a local partner location.

Choose Elevate and Choose Safe

While our service focuses on convenience, access, and affordability, we never cheap out on safety and security.

We are real doctors, specializing in cannabis, licensed to practice in Missouri.

Elevate utilizes the most compliant system of any online clinic. And we follow all HIPAA guidelines in terms of user auditing, versioning, and database encryption.

Additionally, our online platform is easy to use and makes certification a fast and simple process.

Other Helpful Renewal Information

Last year, on June 28, 2019, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) began taking applications from patients and caregivers for medical marijuana cards.

(Can you believe it’s been a year? Neither can we! Check out our 1-year celebration give back campaign.)

Missouri MMJ patients must renew annually. In addition to your physician recertification, you will also need:

● Updated proof of residency

● $25.00 fee (to the DHSS when reapplying) for patient renewal

● $100.00 fee (to the DHSS when reapplying) for cultivation license if you choose

Reapply on the DHSS portal: The steps are the same as the initial process, except you will NOT have to provide an ID and photo —it will carry over from the previous application.

You will not need these things for your Elevate physician recertification appointment. This is just a helpful list of other things you will need after you have been recertified.

We hope you will book now and take advantage of this recertification discount and our compassionate cannabis doctors! Follow the link here to get started today!

If you don't have your card at all yet, check out this page:

Still have questions on how to renew your Missouri MMJ card? Contact Elevate Holistics today!