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How to Renew Missouri MMJ

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If it’s time for your Missouri MMJ card renewal and you want the process to be quick, simple, and 100% online – look no further. You’re in the right place! With Elevate Holistics, renewing your Missouri medical card has never been easier.

How do I renew my medical card in MO? Can I get a medical card renewal online? Here, we’ll teach you how to renew your and go over all things Missouri medical marijuana card renewals. 

We encourage patients to continue healing themselves naturally with cannabis, and we’re here to help. Are you ready for your Missouri MMJ card renewal? Let’s get into the process of how to renew a medical card.

How to Renew Your Missouri MMJ Card

Learning how to renew a medical card online is straightforward, as the process is nearly identical to getting a first-time certification. There are two parts to a renewal application: receiving medical cannabis certification from a doctor and submitting your application to the state. 

Luckily, Elevate Holistics offers fully online doctor’s appointments for MMJ certification that patients can complete from the comfort of their homes.

How do you know when it’s time to get a medical card renewal in MO? You can get a medical card renewal in Missouri within 60 days of the expiration date on your MMJ card. 

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services suggests you apply for MMJ card renewal no less than 30 days before your card expires. Because the department has 30 days from submission to process an application, submitting a renewal after the 30-day window could mean a short period of not having a valid card.

Step One: Get Approval from a Doctor

The first step of renewing your Missouri medical card is getting MMJ approval from a doctor. Each time you renew a medical card, medical cannabis approval from a doctor is required. Don’t worry, with Elevate Holistics, our online doctor’s appointments are hassle-free.

To get MMJ approval from a doctor, you must book a Missouri renewal appointment through Elevate Holistics. Patients can select any date and time for their virtual doctor’s appointment, which can take place anywhere on a phone or computer.

Through EH, the cost of getting a first-time medical cannabis certification in Missouri is $130. The cost of certification for a Missouri MMJ card renewal is $80. This gets you a virtual, video-chat doctor’s appointment with a certified physician for medical marijuana approval.

Step Two: Submit Your Medical Card Application

Within 30 days of receiving your doctor’s recommendation from Elevate Holistics, you must submit your medical card application to the state through the DHSS Complia Portal. This entails filling out your state application, submitting your patient documents, and paying the state fee of $27.76.

If you want to make getting MMJ card renewal even easier, select “full-service application completion” under add-ons when booking your online doctor’s appointment, and the Elevate Holistics team will set up your state application for you. 

Through the “full-service” option, we’ll create your state account, ensure all information is correct, and register you with the state. The only thing you’re required to do is pay the final fee and submit your application – and we’ll let you know exactly how to do that and when it’s time.

Missouri MMJ Card Renewal FAQ

When it comes to figuring out how to renew a medical card online, there are common questions among patients. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding a medical card renewal in Missouri.

How Long is a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Valid?

A Missouri medical marijuana card is valid for one year. Each year, patients must get re-approved for medical marijuana by a doctor, submit a state application, and pay the state fee of $27.76. 

If Missouri passes recreational cannabis, the length of MMJ card validity could be changed from one year to three years. 

Learn about the benefits of keeping your MMJ card if Missouri passes recreational cannabis by clicking here.

Can I Renew a Medical Card After the Expiration Date?

After a medical marijuana card’s expiration date has passed, patients will simply book an appointment for first-time MMJ certification. Since renewing your Missouri medical card costs less than a first-time certification, we suggest that patients renew their medical card in Missouri before their card expires.

What are the Requirements for a Missouri MMJ Card?

Before you learn how to renew a medical card online, you must first ensure you still meet the requirements for a Missouri MMJ card. To obtain a Missouri medical marijuana card, patients must:

  • Be a Missouri resident and submit proof of residency
    • Missouri driver’s license
    • Missouri I.D.
    • Current Missouri utility bill
    • Missouri motor vehicle registration

Renew a Medical Card With Elevate Holistics

Here, you’ve learned how to renew your Missouri MMJ card and how to renew your medical card online. With Elevate Holistics, renewing your Missouri medical card is as easy as booking an online doctor’s appointment and submitting your application to the state. 

To make the state application process even more simple, we can complete it for you through the full-service application completion add-on that can be selected when booking your doctor’s appointment.

Keep up the great work by healing yourself naturally – book a Missouri medical card renewal doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics today.

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

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