Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Maryland?

Jul, 2022
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With the states’ choice to decide the fate of medical and recreational cannabis, it seems like weed laws conflict practically everywhere you go. And they do. That’s why it’s so crucial to become familiar with the particular cannabis laws in your area before even attempting to spark a joint. Today, let’s focus on Little America: Maryland. 

So, is medical marijuana legal in Maryland? And, how can you get your MD medical card?

Maryland Marijuana

What Form Can Medical Marijuana Be Sold in Maryland?

To cut to the chase, yes, medical marijuana is legal in Maryland. However, the state doesn’t permit all types of products for consumption. 

According to Maryland marijuana laws, dried flower and marijuana-infused products like oils, lotions, and pills are legal, and you can find them in licensed dispensaries. The state also permits edibles and vapes.  

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How Do You Get a Medical Marijuanas Card in Maryland?

To get a medical marijuana card in Maryland, you must register as a patient. The registration processes for adults and minors below 18 are different, but you must complete them online.  

Registration Process for Adults (Patients aged at least 18) 

Adult patients who wish to register for a Maryland medical marijuanas card are to provide the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • An electronic copy of a clear and recent passport photograph  
  • Valid email account  
  • Proof of residency
  • An electronic copy of a government-issued ID; includes military ID, driver’s license, US passport, and state-issued photo ID.
  • $50 application fee. Patients enrolled in the Maryland Medical Assistance Program or the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System are eligible for a waiver. 

STEP 1 – Online Application 

Visit and create an account. Then complete and submit the patient application. 

STEP 2 – Very Your Email Address

After you complete and submit your online application form, you’ll receive a verification email sent to the email address you provided during your application form. Click the verification link to verify your email. This step is compulsory; without it, your application is not complete.

STEP 3 – Application Review

After you have submitted your application form and verified your email, the MMCC will review your application. You’ll receive an email that will notify you of the status of your application; whether or not it has been approved. Retain the approval email because you’ll need the details to log into your patient registry and get a physician certification. 

STEP 4 – Designate a Caregiver 

This step is optional. If your application is successful and you want a caregiver, log into your account on the patient registry and designate a caregiver. You can only specify a caregiver approved by the MMCC.  

STEP 5 – Physician Certification

After the MMCC has approved your application, visit a certifying provider duly registered with the MMCC to obtain a certification. You can find publicly registered providers here.

Maryland Marijuana

You must have an in-person meeting with the certifying provider, and it must be a physician with whom you share a bonafide provider-patient relationship.

If your physician is satisfied that you’ll benefit from medical marijuana treatment, they will enter your certification information into the MMCC.

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After you get a physician certification, you can print your Maryland medical marijuana card. A physician certification is valid for one year. If you don’t buy medical marijuana within 120 days after getting your certification, it will expire, and you’ll need to get a new one. 

For more information on the adult patient registration process, visit the Process Overview page. 

Registration Process for Minors (Patients Aged Under 18)

The registration process for minors is similar to that for adults, but caregivers will register on behalf of minors.

Minors must have caregivers before registering for medical marijuana, and the caregivers must be registered with the MMCC.

For more information, see the process overview page and quick reference card. 

Maryland Medical Marijuanas Laws

Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland and has been since April of 2014 when Governor Martin O’Malley signed HB 881, the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission, into law.

The law permitted medical marijuana legalization in Maryland and allowed the state-licensed production and distribution of marijuana to qualified patients with a physician certification. 

Additionally, the bill created the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), the body in charge of regulating the cultivation, possession, consumption, and distribution of medical cannabis to patients.

According to the MMCC, there are 157,293 medical marijuana patients as of 1 July 2022. However, just because you have a medical card doesn’t mean you’re immune to the law.

Maryland medical marijuana laws are the rules and regulations that govern medical marijuana in the state. If you don’t know these laws, you could unwittingly commit marijuana offenses. So pay attention.  

Where Can You Buy Marijuana in Maryland?

Medical marijuana patients can buy marijuana products from any licensed Maryland medical dispensary.

You must purchase from only licensed dispensaries because the law does not protect you if you buy from an unlicensed source.

Also, licensed dispensaries are regulated, so their products are of the highest quality; you’re guaranteed to get the good stuff.

You can find the names and locations of licensed dispensaries in Maryland here

Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

Maryland MMJ laws do not require health insurers to cover medical marijuana.

The MMCC website states, “medical cannabis is not reimbursable by any private or public insurance plan, Medicare or Medicaid, or through Veterans’ covered plans.” 

Does a Medical Marijuana Card Offer Employee Protection?

Maryland marijuana laws state that residents cannot discriminate against patients based on medical marijuana consumption.

However, all employees are expected to comply if your workplace has a drug-free policy.

Also, property owners can prohibit cannabis use on their property as part of the tenancy agreement. 

What Are the Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Maryland? 

Patients suffering from the following qualifying medical conditions are eligible to apply for medical marijuana in Maryland.

What if your condition is not among those above? Fortunately, you can petition the MMCC if you want the state to add a new qualifying condition. 

However, your petition must include the following: 

  • The severity of the condition.
  • The degree to which other treatments have been unable to alleviate the symptom.  
  • Evidence that the condition will benefit from medical marijuana treatment.
  • Information or studies regarding the beneficial or adverse effects of medical marijuana treatment on the condition.  
  • Letters of support from provided or licensed health care practitioners. 

Can You Grow Marijuana in Maryland?

Maryland marijuana laws allow only licensed growers to grow marijuana; medical patients are not allowed to grow marijuana.   

Can Patients Have Caregivers?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Maryland can designate two people to serve as their caregivers. The caregivers must be at least 21 years and register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. 

Patients under 18 must have at least one caregiver, and the caregiver must be a parent or a legal guardian.

Minor patients can have up to four caregivers; two must be a parent or legal guardian, and the other two designated by a parent or legal guardian. 

For detailed information on caregiver requirements and the registration process, click here

Where Can I Consume Marijuana in Maryland?

Maryland Marijuana

Even if you have a valid medical marijuana card, you can’t consume marijuana in public.

It is best to consume marijuana in the privacy of your home, away from public observation.

Note that property owners can ban marijuana on their property as part of the tenancy agreement.  

Does Maryland Have Marijuana Reciprocity?

No, medical marijuana card holders from out-of-state cannot purchase medical marijuana in Maryland.  

How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Possess in Maryland?

There are two medical marijuana purchase limits in Maryland, one for dried flowers and the other for THC in marijuana-infused products.

Patients can buy 4 ounces (120 grams) of cannabis flower and 1 ounce of THC (36 grams) in a marijuana-infused product within 30 days.

Certifying providers may recommend more or less than the legal limit on a patient’s certification.  

Who Can Prescribe Medical Marijuanas in Maryland?

Marijuana is still a Schedule I drug federally; consequently, no one can prescribe it. Fortunately, Maryland medical card doctors can recommend medical marijuana to patients and provide certification.

Note that only physicians duly registered as Maryland medical marijuanas doctors can recommend medical marijuana. 

Any of the following physicians can be a certifying provider if they are registered with the MMCC. 

  • A doctor with a license from the State Board of Physicians in good standing with the board
  • A dentist with a license from the State Board of Dental Examiners in good standing with the board
  • A podiatrist with a license from the State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners in good standing with the board
  • A nurse with a license from the State Board of Nursing in good standing with the board
  • A physician’s assistant with a license from the State Board of Physicians has a delegation agreement with a physician who is a certifying provider and is in good standing with the board.  

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Can I Use My Maryland Medical Card in Another State?

Some states offer medical marijuana reciprocity. Before you visit, check the state’s marijuana laws. 

For a full list of states that offer MMJ reciprocity, simply click here

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