Medical Cannabis Cards & Education

Sep, 2020
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It's about that time Missouri. Commencements are well underway, testing tabs are finally getting reviewed by the DHSS, and 60,000+ residents have their medical marijuana card. We anticipate in 90 days that dispensaries across the state will have quality medicine on their shelves.

As the clinic qualifying patients for medical certifications, we get questions all the time about delivery methods, terepenes, medication interactions, individual products, and on and on. We see that most of the market has not caught up to where modern cannabis is. The statement, “this isn't your father's stuff” couldn't be any truer.

For this reason, Elevate Holistics and BesaMe Wellness have teamed up to provide a cannabis education center to allow patients to educate themselves prior to becoming medical card holders. I say prior but we foresee a lot of card holders taking advantage of the seminars too.

BesaMe Wellness Cannabis Education Center is located in North KC at 1041 Burlington Ave., 64116. Attached to the building, in a shared space, is also one of their dispensary locations. Due to CoVid restrictions we've moved it to YouTube for now but we'll pick it up in person around the end of the year. We're bringing together medical professionals and patients around the fact that cannabis is a medicine, cannabis does provide relief, and cannabis must be used intelligently to get your desired outcomes.

We couldn't be more grateful to the BesaMe team for providing us the opportunity. We are also WILDLY grateful to the Missouri community for getting us through these crazy times. Product is right around the corner y'all. Stay strong.


If you're ready to get your medical marijuana card we'd be happy to serve you. All you have to do is click this link and you can get scheduled for your first appointment. If you aren't sure if you qualify, please give us a call at 660.205.2215 to discuss.

Elevate Holistics is an online cannabis clinic that provides a HIPAA compliant telemedicine portal so you can get certified for medical cannabis all from home. Services we provide are: pharmacists consultations, cannabis nurse consultations, state application assistance, and holistic wellness consults.