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Tyler Merchant, DO is one of our wonderful and compassionate cannabis doctors at Elevate Holistics. In addition to performing patient MMJ card evaluations, he’s the medical director of Holistic Family Medicine and Obstetrics LLC, located in Sedalia, MO. Recently, Elevate Holistics’ Aspen Jewel and Dr. Merchant went live on FB to discuss and answer viewer questions about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this post, we find out about medical marijuana forms for PTSD.

Dr. Merchant’s Experience with PTSD Patients

While he is not a psychiatrist, Dr. Merchant has seen his fair share of people living with PTSD. According to him, “With PTSD, and to be upfront with everybody here who’s listening in, I am not a PTSD expert, focused just on PTSD. That’s not my sole expertise, and I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m a family doctor, but I work a lot with patients with mood disorders and traumas.”

After listening to his experiences and insights, it’s obvious that Dr. Merchant has some super-helpful knowledge and understanding to share from a doctor’s perspective.

Medical Marijuana Is Not Just THC

Dr. Merchant: Marijuana is not just THC. Marijuana is a combination of THC, CBD, multiple other cannabinoids, multiple terpenes. I don’t usually recommend to folks that they inhale anything on fire. I think that’s probably unwise. There are situations though, in panicky situations or someone who’s not able to tolerate oral medication, where that is a lesser of two evils. And that works for people.

The Edibles Medical Marijuana Form

Dr. Merchant: I encourage people who have not tried edibles to talk to your doctor about the possibility of edibles. I encourage people who’ve had problems with edibles in the past and go, I was stoned out of my guard for, I was not right for hours. Well, a lot of times they’ve had the experience where they went over to Tommy’s, whoever that is.

Go Easy with Edibles …

Dr. Merchant: And they had a little pot brownie, and I’m like, how big was it? And they think it’s about the size of a softball. I’m like that might be a bit large. Then when I didn’t feel anything after about 30 minutes, I ate another one. Well, you’ve got to keep in mind edibles take one to three hours to reach peak effect and even longer if you’ve eaten it with a fatty meal. So people who’ve been used to smoking or inhaling from whatever source and they’re used to that three to 10 minutes to get to peak effect. They’re oftentimes ones that you have to watch.

The Doc Recommends a High CBD 

Dr. Merchant: And remember, I always encourage people to go heavy on the CBD upfront because it can really temper a lot of the potential side effects that people can have. So too much THC, or if they just do THC with no other support of the other parts of the cannabis can have things like paranoia, agitation, restlessness, anxiety, the very things that we’re trying to treat.

Recap: Medical Marijuana Forms for PTSD

  • Medical Cannabis is not all about the THC.
  • Consider trying Edibles—the right way.
  • Use a cannabis form with high CBD or other beneficial compounds to moderate the effects of THC.

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