NJ Cannabis is Legal – Why Get a Medical Card?

Jul, 2022
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Now that cannabis in NJ is recreationally legal, consumers in the Garden State have been thoroughly appreciating the beauty of cannabis in NJ. With adult-use sales booming, is having a medical marijuana card New Jersey still a thing? Absolutely. Let’s not forget the many reasons why getting a New Jersey medical card is super helpful to any cannabis consumer in the state.

What are the benefits of having a medical marijuana card? Why get one where recreational weed is legal? MMJ card benefits include lower costs at dispensaries, a wider selection of cannabis products, higher purchase limits, and more

Look no further for the “why” to get your med card – Elevate Holistics is here to improve your NJ cannabis experience with this helpful guide.

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Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

So, what are the benefits of having a medical marijuana card? What advantages do New Jersey medical card holders have over recreational consumers? 

Let’s dive into just how valuable the benefits of a medical marijuana card are so that you can make the most of marijuana New Jersey.

Lower Costs at Dispensaries 

One of the prime features of having a medical marijuana card New Jersey is the lower costs at dispensaries. Compared to recreational NJ cannabis products, the state heavily discounts medical marijuana. So why is it cheaper? NJ taxes on medical marijuana have been minimal over the years and now, they’re nonexistent. 

Starting July 1, sales of medical cannabis in NJ will no longer be subject to New Jersey Sales and Use Tax. On the other hand, all recreational cannabis transactions are subject to a New Jersey sales tax of 6.625% plus a social equity excise fee.

In addition, many dispensaries offer rewards programs, promotions, and discounts to medical patients only. Your wallet will thank you for getting your MMJ card which will save you a ton of money at dispensaries.

More Products to Choose From at Dispensaries

At NJ dispensaries that offer medical and adult-use cannabis, you will find that they have separate menus for MMJ cardholders and recreational consumers. The menus for medical marijuana cardholders provide a wider selection of cannabis products, like flower, tinctures, edibles, and concentrates, that recreational consumers don’t have access to. 

At many dispensaries, the difference between the two menus can be substantial. For instance, at RISE dispensary in Paterson, medical marijuana New Jersey patients have 57 options for flower, while recreational consumers only have 17. 

That’s 40 different bud strains for medical patients only. 

Access to Medical-Only Dispensaries

Some marijuana New Jersey dispensaries, like Harmony Dispensary in Secaucus and RISE in Paramus, still serve registered medical patients only. Medical-only dispensaries typically boast fewer customers, making wait times more manageable.

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Even at NJ dispensaries that offer both medical and recreational cannabis, some have medical patient-only hours in which only patients with a medical marijuana card New Jersey are allowed to shop. 

Patient-only hours allow MMJ patients to have shorter wait times and guaranteed access to their medicine. Some patient-only hours last a full day.

On top of that, NJ dispensaries will always prioritize medical marijuana patients at dispensaries over recreational consumers

Since marijuana New Jersey dispensaries must keep a percentage of cannabis products in stock for medical patients only, there is always a cannabis supply for medical patients. 

Higher Purchase Limits

Registered NJ cannabis cardholders can purchase up to 3 ounces of medical cannabis from local dispensaries every 30 days. Terminally ill patients and patients on hospice have no maximum limit. 

Recreational consumers are only allowed to purchase up to an ounce per month. 

NJ residents can legally possess up to six ounces. Possessing more than six ounces of cannabis in NJ is a crime that could result in 1.5 years of incarceration and a $25,000 maximum fine.

Lower Age Restriction

Patients with an MMJ card are only required to be 18 years old to access medical cannabis in NJ, compared to an age restriction of 21 when it comes to recreational marijuana. A New Jersey MMJ caregiver (someone who is designated to deliver medical cannabis to an MMJ patient) must be 18 years of age or older as well.

Out-of-State MMJ Card Reciprocity

New Jersey offers out-of-state reciprocity for MMJ cardholders. Out-of-state MMJ cardholders can legally bring their medical cannabis into NJ for up to six months. During this time, patients are legally allowed to possess and consume weed. 

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After that, out-of-state cardholders can purchase NJ cannabis with a temporary New Jersey patient registration.

Because New Jersey offers MMJ reciprocity, patients with an NJ medical marijuana card can access medical cannabis in most states that also offer reciprocity

Each state has unique MMJ reciprocity laws with its own specifications.

When cannabis consumers ask, “what are the benefits of having a medical marijuana card?” Stronger legal protection cannot be left out. Having a New Jersey medical card means that a physician legally supports you. And this could help if cannabis ever incriminates you.

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How Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card New Jersey?

What are the benefits of having a medical marijuana card? From cheaper cannabis products to higher purchase limits, the benefits of having a medical card make cannabis more easily accessible and affordable to medical patients. Sounds worthwhile, right? 

So, how do you get an MMJ card to receive all the perks of cannabis in NJ? 

With Elevate Holistics, getting a New Jersey medical card has never been easier. You choose a date and time, and we virtually connect you with a doctor for med card approval. 

Our team will ensure you get the assistance you need throughout this secure, 100% online process. It’s that simple – we want to help you get the NJ cannabis experience you deserve. 

Book an appointment with Elevate Holistics to get a New Jersey medical card today.

Are you new to cannabis and need a little extra advice to make the most of your journey? Try out our additional services, like the virtual ‘Ask a Cannabis Nurse’ or ‘Holistic Wellness’ consultations when booking your MMJ card appointment.