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phytol terpene

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You’ve likely heard of limonene, pinene, and even myrcene — but what about the phytol terpene?


Phytol is one of the more lesser-known terpenes in the world of weed, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t play a huge role in your overall experience. In fact, phytol is one of the few terpenes that are present in every single cannabis strain.


So, let’s dig deeper: what does the phytol terpene smell and taste like? And, arguably more importantly, what cannabis strains are rich in phytol? 


Let’s find out. 

What is Phytol — And Where Do You Find It?

As we mentioned, phytol is one of many natural terpenes found in Mother Nature. To get fancy with you, though…


Phytol is technically a diterpene alcohol that is a natural compound found in the chlorophyll of plants. As an acyclic diterpene alcohol, it’s a part of the chlorophyll molecule, which plants use to convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. 


When plants’ chlorophyll degrades, phytol is released as a byproduct.


Because it’s a component of chlorophyll, virtually any green plant will contain some amount of phytol. You will also find it in essential oils to contribute to their scent profile. 


But, to give you some examples, here are some things you’ll find the phytol terpene in: 


phytol terpene

Phytol Smell and Flavor Profile

We often categorize terpenes by their smells and flavors — after all, that’s exactly what makes each one so unique. But, unlike some other terpenes with more intuitive names, you can’t really tell what kind of aroma a terpene like phytol produces. But, that’s why we’re here. 


Since it’s so closely related to plant health and its life cycle, it’s no surprise that the phytol terpene has a mild, grassy, and floral scent. Many people describe it as earthy or, simply, green


This characteristic makes it a subtle yet integral component of the complex aromas found in green vegetation, herbs, and some essential oils.


In terms of flavor, phytol can impart a slightly floral and bittersweet taste.

However, its flavor is typically not as pronounced as its aroma, given that it is often present in small quantities and mixed with many other compounds that contribute to a plant’s overall flavor profile.


So, while you’ll likely pick up on the scent of phytol quickly, you’re not going to be tasting plants with every hit — which we’d argue is a good thing.

The Phytol Terpene Within Cannabis

phytol terpene

The phytol terpene offers unique effects within the cannabis plant that make it a sought-after compound — especially for medical consumers. 


Quickly, it’s important to note that there isn’t nearly as much research surrounding the phytol terpene as there is with various other terps within the cannabis plant. Researchers are still actively learning about what this compound has to offer. 


But, for now, it appears as though phytol may have the following effects in cannabis: 


  • Anti-anxiety and Sedative Effects: In animal studies, phytol demonstrates anti-anxiety and sedative properties, which could contribute to the relaxing effects some people experience with certain strains of cannabis.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Like many terpenes, phytol may offer antioxidant benefits, helping to protect cells from oxidative stress. This could contribute to the overall health-promoting aspects of some cannabis strains.
  • Anti-inflammatory Effects: Phytol has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties in some studies, which might help alleviate inflammation and associated pain in certain conditions. This effect could be particularly beneficial in strains of cannabis used for their therapeutic effects on inflammation and pain.
  • Analgesic Effects: There is some evidence to suggest that phytol could have pain-relieving properties, adding to the analgesic effects of certain cannabis strains.
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Activities: Phytol appears to possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which, while not directly affecting the consumer’s experience, could contribute to the plant’s resilience and health — great for growers!

How to Find Phytol-Rich Marijuana Strains

Now that you know what the phytol terpene has to offer, it’s time to check it out for yourself in some cannabis strains. 


However, finding phytol-rich marijuana strains is a bit more difficult than other terpenes, simply because all strains contain some amount of phytol. 


The concentration of phytol might be more influenced by how the cannabis is grown and processed rather than strictly by strain genetics. For example, strains that are allowed to mature fully and are carefully cured might retain more of their natural terpene profile, including phytol.


While specific strain recommendations for high phytol content aren’t entirely common, if you’re interested in experiencing the potential effects of the terpene, you could look for the following qualities:


  • Strains known for a green, earthy, or grassy aroma: These could indicate the presence of phytol among other terpenes.
  • Lab-tested products: Some producers and dispensaries offer detailed terpene profiles for their products. Looking for lab results that specifically mention phytol content could help identify strains with higher levels of this terpene.
  • High-quality, well-cured cannabis: Proper curing can preserve terpenes, potentially maintaining higher levels of phytol.

How to Get the Best Phytol Cannabis Strains With Elevate Holistics

Now that you know more about the phytol terpene, it’s time to get your hands on high-quality cannabis. This way, you can get the best phytol experience possible. 


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