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As cannabis lovers, we all know that 4/20 is the one day a year we can shamelessly celebrate our love for marijuana. Kind of like all the other days, right? Filled with dispensary visits and smoke clouds, the national holiday annually helps normalize cannabis consumption. Finally, the stigma is lifting and more and more people are seeing the legitimacy of weed as medicine.

On top of that, April 20 is a day when the cannabis industry is booming. Every year, cannabis sales on 4/20 go above and beyond as people all over the country honor the festivity. So what kind of impact did 4/20/22 have on the cannabis market?

As pandemic restrictions have lifted this year, did cannabis sales on 4/20 increase? Have they plateaued? Let’s get into the cannabis data for April 20th, 2022, learn about the origin of the holiday, and go over tips on how to 4/20 next year like a pro.

How High Were Cannabis Sales on 4/20/22?

April 20 2022 broke all previous cannabis retail records, raking in a total of $154.4 million in adult-use and medicinal sales. 

Until 4/20/22, last year’s 4/20 was the cannabis industry’s largest sales day bringing in nearly $112 million. This means that sales grew by 38.1%. Average sales per store did not reach pre-pandemic levels but overall sales increased. Cannabis data shows that the weed industry is even beginning to surpass the alcohol industry in annual sales.

246,000 transactions were made on 4/20/22 across almost 2,000 dispensaries in North America. With most pandemic restrictions lifted, online orders for cannabis decreased compared to last year’s 4/20. 

This proves that cannabis consumers prefer an in-person shopping experience. (It’s hard to resist the earthy smells and budtender banter, isn’t it?) 

The average U.S. dispensary made about $13.8K on April 20th, 2022. Compared to the week before April 20th, 2022, Alaska, Missouri, Massachusetts, and California saw some of the most significant jumps in cannabis sales on the holiday.

Although those states experienced the largest spikes, states that have recently legalized recreational marijuana yielded the most revenue.

Newly legalized adult-use states like New Mexico made a ton of cannabis revenue, bringing in a little over a million dollars on recreational products on April 20th, 2022 alone. And just since April 1, NM dispensaries have sold more than $11.5 million worth of medical cannabis products. This shows that there will always be a demand for medical marijuana.

More Cannabis Data on 4/20/22

On 4/20/22 and the five days leading up to it, consumers spent a total of $485.3 million on cannabis products. So what cannabis products are most popular among shoppers? Cannabis sales on 4/20 consisted of almost 50% flower, just over 30% cartridges and pens, with the rest of sales going towards concentrates and edibles.

Cannabis data has also shown increases in cannabis sales market share for women shoppers over the past few years. And this trend continued on April 20, 2022, with women’s market share of sales passing the 40% mark for the first time ever. 

Still, men made up nearly 60% of all cannabis sales. Consumers aged 30-40 made up 30% of all sales, those under 30 made up just under 30% of sales, and the rest were made by individuals over 40.

What other holidays create a major spike in cannabis sales? Data shows that New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Green Wednesday, and the Superbowl also bring cannabis enthusiasts out of the woodwork, producing extra revenue.

The Origin of 4/20

Although the holiday is celebrated by many, most people don’t know the origin of 4/20 and why it is associated with weed. It all dates back to 1971 at San Rafael High School in Marin County, California. 

A group of students would meet at 4:20 p.m. by the high school’s statue of chemist Louis Pasteur to smoke weed. They used “420” as a code word for marijuana around the area and it began to catch on. 

The term eventually spread nationwide and became another good reason to consume cannabis. It’s 4:20 somewhere, right?

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How To Celebrate April 20, 2023

To celebrate 4/20 like a pro next year, you first need to get your medical marijuana card. It’s simple and can all be done online. Even if your state offers recreational cannabis, there are still many benefits to having your med card. These benefits include priority at dispensaries, little to no taxes compared to recreational weed, and greater legal protection.

Once you have your med card, do your research to find out what types of cannabis strains will best suit you. Do you need strains with high levels of CBD to help curb anxiety? Maybe you want your weed to contain certain terpenes to keep you energized? There are so many options out there, so we encourage you to explore and find your perfect match. Feel free to open up to budtenders at your local dispensary and ask questions.

Most importantly, be safe. More doesn’t always mean better, smoking weed in public probably isn’t a good idea, and keeping both hands on your glassware gives it less chance of breaking. 

Don’t forget to make the most out of your high by having munchies ready, a fun activity planned, or your favorite nostalgic movie playing. If you’re interested in getting out in the community, there are always cannabis-related events taking place on 4/20. 

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