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As the cannabis community continues to advance, so do its products. Even five years ago, you never would’ve thought you’d hear the term “weed inhaler” in your local dispensary, yet here we are! These products are quickly gaining popularity for those concerned about lung health but still want to reap the benefits of MMJ. 


Today, Elevate Holistics is taking a deep dive into cannabis inhalers, their benefits, and so much more. This way, the next time you come across one at the dispensary, you may be more inclined to try it out.  


A weed inhaler is an inhaler device – precisely like an asthma inhaler – used to deliver accurate measures of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, or a combination of both) and terpenes into your body. 


Cannabis inhalers deliver their content as vapor in precise measures. Hence, among all cannabis-related devices, they are your best option for having a perfect awareness of how much CBD or THC you are consuming.


Some people call them cannabis asthma inhalers, but that is not technically correct. While they look like your conventional asthma inhaler and may help with your asthma, they are not primarily intended for asthma treatment. They are designed to provide a better and safer consumer experience for patients without the probable detriments of smoking or vaping.


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How Does a Cannabis Inhaler Work?


Conventional asthma inhalers are potent because of their fast action and effectiveness. The science behind them centers on freeing the passageway to the lungs and allowing more airflow. This helps deliver oxygen throughout the bloodstream.


Typical of the fast delivery users expect of inhalers, a weed inhaler delivers its content straight to your bloodstream through the lungs. Therefore, using one makes cannabis highly bioavailable to your body system. Bioavailable refers to the highest proportion of cannabis you consume that is put to active use. Much is not lost on the way to the bloodstream; hence, potency and fast action are higher.


Although there are debates surrounding the claim, a popularly cited study in the British Medical Journal indicates that THC is an effective bronchodilator when applied in vapor form as an aerosol. And is as effective as salbutamol (the now common medication) used to relieve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma symptoms. Hence, a medical THC inhaler may help COPD and asthma patients treat their symptoms.


Bronchodilator refers to substances that help relax the muscles of the airways leading to the lung, enabling asthma and COPD patients to breathe better. In this context, a medical THC inhaler rather than a weed inhaler with only CBD may be a better option.


Note: The answers to “What is a cannabis inhaler?” and “What is an asthma inhaler?” vary due to the intended purpose of the product lines. Therefore, you should not use your cannabis inhaler to replace your asthma inhaler.

Marijuana Vapor Inhalers Vs. Other Consumption Methods


Unlike smoking or vaping, which involves combustion or heating elements that can produce harmful byproducts, cannabis inhalers deliver a precise dose of cannabinoids directly to the lungs without the need for combustion, heat, or even the introduction of potentially harmful substances. 


This method drastically reduces exposure to carcinogens and other toxins, making it a safer option for those concerned about the respiratory effects of smoking or vaping. Furthermore, the absence of smoke or vapor means using a cannabis inhaler is discreet and leaves no lingering odor, providing an added layer of privacy for users.


The convenience of carrying a small, discreet inhaler that requires no preparation or additional equipment is also a game-changer for many, allowing for the easy and inconspicuous use of cannabis, whether at home or on the go.

THC Inhaler Vs Vape


While both THC inhalers and vapes offer a method for inhaling cannabis, they differ significantly in their delivery mechanisms and health implications. 


A THC inhaler provides a metered dose of THC in an aerosol form, mimicking a pharmaceutical inhaler’s precision and avoiding combustion byproducts, making it potentially safer for lung health. 


In contrast, vaping involves heating cannabis oil or dry herb to a temperature that releases THC in vapor form, which can introduce additional substances into the lungs, depending on the heating method and materials used in the vape device.

What are the Benefits of CBD Inhaler?



There are numerous benefits to patients using CBD inhalers or medical THC inhalers. Most of these benefits remedy some of the shortcomings of older cannabis paraphernalia and consumption methods.

Higher Bioavailability


In many instances, this stands as the No.1 selling point of weed inhalers when compared to other products. Inhalers deliver the most quantity of cannabinoids into the bloodstream at a faster rate.


Where medical THC inhalers boast 80-90% bioavailability, other methods have lower bioavailability. Only vaping comes close at 50-80%.


Smoking delivers about 30%; topicals between 5-10%; edibles less than 20%; and tinctures between 40-50% bioavailability.

Safer Consumption


When it comes to safe use and consumption experience, there is a list of problems that weed inhalers may help with right off the bat. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Smoking marijuana can leave you with a dried or scorched throat.
  • Most consumption methods, including vapes, bongs bowls, joints, cannabis-infused beverages, and edibles involve introducing other materials or substances into your body.
  • Consumption of combusted plant matter and the passive absorption of butane from lighters can introduce carcinogens into your body.
  • Although many consider vaping a better alternative to smoking, the content of various vape juices in the market is under probe in the medical community.


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Standardized Doses



Additionally, weed inhalers feature standardized doses. Consequently, patients who use medical THC inhalers can be sure of how much cannabis they are consuming. This completely eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty that other consumption methodologies may bring.



Where there’s purity concern with other methods, cannabis inhalers take the crown with ease. Cannabis inhalers are void of contaminants, additives, and extra fillers, significantly eliminating the chances of consuming irritants or toxins.

Ease of Use


If you compare inhalers across brands, you might notice slight variations in their build. However, there is hardly any difference in their usage! You use them the same way as any conventional asthma inhaler. Some of the best brands you might find in your dispensary include Aeroinhaler, Müv Thc Inhaler, Fairwindz CBD inhaler, Santana Smooth CBD Inhaler, CBD Luxe CBD Oil Inhalers, Koi CBD Inhaler, etc.


According to CBD Luxe, “Simply place your lips on the mouthpiece, press down on the top of the inhaler to spray, and inhale the spray into your lungs. Exhale and repeat as necessary.” Remove and replace the cap before and after use.


If the question on your mind is, “do you inhale marijuana when you use a cannabis inhaler?” the answer is yes. Depending on the product you are using, you inhale the active ingredients of marijuana – CBD, THC, or both – when you use a weed inhaler.

Smokeless and Odorless


Patients who use cannabis inhalers fancy the discretion that comes with using one. They are smokeless, odorless, and look like regular inhalers! So, there’s no telltale sign left behind to indicate you are consuming marijuana.

What Conditions Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat?


Medical marijuana, administered through cannabis inhalers, has shown promise in treating a variety of conditions, leveraging the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Conditions such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis (MS), epilepsy, and even the debilitating effects of chemotherapy can be alleviated through the targeted use of these inhalers. 


Asthma and COPD patients might find relief in the bronchodilatory properties of THC, a component of cannabis that has been studied for its effects on airway relaxation. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of cannabinoids can significantly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic pain or inflammatory conditions, offering a less addictive alternative to opioid painkillers.

Are CBD Inhalers Safe Long-Term?


Regarding the long-term safety of CBD inhalers, current research indicates that CBD is generally well-tolerated over extended periods, with few reported side effects. However, the long-term repercussions of using CBD inhalers specifically are still under investigation, as inhalation introduces cannabinoids directly into the lungs, necessitating further studies to fully understand the implications. Most concerns revolve around the inhalation method itself rather than CBD’s systemic effects, with inquiries into the potential for respiratory irritation over prolonged use. 


Nonetheless, the consensus among many health professionals is that CBD, when used responsibly and under medical guidance, remains one of the safer therapeutic options, especially compared to traditional pharmaceuticals with extensive side-effect profiles.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Inhaler for You


Choosing the right cannabis inhaler involves careful consideration of several factors to ensure it meets your specific health needs and lifestyle. First, consider the cannabinoid content; THC and CBD offer different therapeutic effects, with THC being more psychoactive and CBD non-psychoactive, catering to a wide range of symptoms from pain and inflammation to anxiety and seizures. 


Some inhalers offer a blend of both to harness their synergistic effects. Secondly, the reputation and reliability of the brand are paramount. Opt for companies with transparent lab testing results to guarantee purity and potency. 


Finally, consider your personal health needs, including any specific medical conditions you aim to manage and your tolerance to cannabinoids. Consulting with a healthcare professional experienced in medical cannabis can provide tailored advice, ensuring you select an inhaler that aligns with your health objectives and lifestyle, maximizing therapeutic benefits while minimizing potential risks.

Where to Find Weed Inhalers


At the moment, it might be a little difficult to come across a weed inhaler in your state. The FDA must approve inhalers, and not all states have sanctioned these products as medical devices. However, some legal recreational and medicinal marijuana states approve of inhalers, and you may be able to find and purchase them in some dispensaries in these states using your MMJ card.


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