You Can Now Renew Your Arkansas MMJ Card Through Elevate Holistics

Dec, 2021
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Arkansas has put us through quite a journey these past few years regarding its telehealth regulations. If you’re an AR resident, you know just how confusing these rules have become — particularly for medical marijuana patients. Thankfully, The Natural State has changed its minds once again, finally allowing MMJ cardholders better access to their medical cannabis.

With this, we can officially say that Elevate Holistics can, once again, renew your Arkansas medical card.  

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Arkansas MMJ Telemedicine Regulations

In the state of Arkansas, cannabis access hasn’t always been the best. According to the Arkansas Department of Health, cardholders are required to get a written certification from the doctor in order to verify they qualify for medical marijuana. With the keyword here being “written,” this excluded the option of telehealth platforms just like Elevate Holistics. 

However, during the midst of the pandemic, AR finally loosened up on its regulations. For a short time, they allowed patients to get their MMJ cards online, as digital certifications had the same credence as written ones. It was during this time that Arkansas residents finally saw the cannabis access they long deserved. 

As you can imagine, though, this didn’t last long.

In mid-2021, Arkansas amended its telehealth regulations, once again requiring a “written” certification and prohibiting telemedicine appointments. For several months, patients who relied on telehealth platforms were left in the dark, unsure of what to do next — if they even had options.  

AR’s Decision to Allow Telemedicine Renewals

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Recently, Arkansas made another amendment toward their decision surrounding telemedicine for existing patients. The state has deemed it acceptable to utilize telemedicine services during the pandemic as long as you have already established yourself as a medical marijuana patient. 

It’s key to recognize that, if you haven’t already gotten your medical card in AR, you will not be able to do so online. However, if you’re an existing Arkansas medical marijuana patient and your card is set to expire soon, the state now allows you to renew your card online. 

Of course, this is wonderful news for Arkansas cardholders. You’ll now be able to renew your card as effortlessly as ever, relying purely on telemedicine platforms like Elevate Holistics’ to handle the complicated parts. 

Unfortunately for new patients, decisions like these only make cannabis access more difficult. If you’re someone who lives outside of town or has accessibility complications, traveling to a cannabis doctor to get your certification isn’t just a trip to the grocery store — it’s a whole day’s affair. We can only hope that these regulations change (again) in the future, allowing residents from all over the state to gain access to reputable medical cannabis physicians.     

Renewing Your AR MMJ Card With Elevate Holistics

If you are a current Arkansas medical marijuana patient, you’re in luck. Here at Elevate Holistics, we’re happy to announce that AR renewals are back. You can sit down with us and renew your Arkansas MMJ card for only $75 — a fee much lower than most doctors charge. Typically, your renewal appointments can cost you anywhere from $100 – $250, taking a nice chunk of change from your pocket. 

Save yourself some money and get an appointment with Elevate Holistics. We make the renewal process practically effortless, and you don’t even have to leave your house to get it done. Simply put, we offer the most accessible platform to get your updated Arkansas medical marijuana card. 

Once again, we’re bummed we cannot help out new, prospective AR MMJ patients, and we recognize the difficulty that regulations like these create. However, we will continue to stand with our cannabis community, and the moment we’re able to serve all residents again, we will. 

If you're an existing AR MMJ patient, book your renewal appointment using the scheduler below.