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Medical Marijuana Georgia Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Marijuana Legal in Georgia?

Yes and no. Cannabis in GA is an extremely complicated subject, and Georgia marijuana laws only make them more confusing. Currently, recreational marijuana is not legal in the state. While medical marijuana is legal, it’s not permitted in the ways you may think. Read on to find out more.

Is Medical Marijuana Allowed in Georgia? 

Technically, yes, medical marijuana is legal in Georgia. However, the only GA medical marijuana that’s legal in the Peach State are high-CBD, low-THC extracts.

Essentially, you can only purchase medical marijuana oil that is less than 5% THC by weight. Anything more than that isn’t legal in Georgia and can get you in trouble with the law. However, right now, even getting ahold of these low-THC oils proves difficult for medical marijuana patients.

GA medical marijuana was finally fully fleshed out in the state in July 2019 with the passing of Georgia’s Hope Act. While MMJ was technically legal prior to this, the program didn’t outline any provisions for purchasing low-THC in the state. The updated Hope Act permitted in-state cannabis cultivation. Thus, medical patients should finally be able to get their hands on the high-CBD, low-THC products they signed up for.

It’s important to note that dispensaries have not yet been opened in Georgia. 

Did Georgia Pass the Medical Marijuana Law? 

Yes, Georgia passed the Hope Act in July of 2019. Initially, the state enacted the Haleigh’s Hope Act in 2015, which allowed a patient registry for low-THC oil. However, as we discussed, this bill only outlined possession, not in-state sales. Thus, patients didn’t easily have access to the products.

Then, three years later, the state signed to expand the bill, allowing more patients the chance to get low-THC oils. After this, it only took about a year for the Hope Act to unveil and finally give patients the opportunity to shop for these oils at a local dispensary when they finally open.

Can I Grow Medical Marijuana in Georgia? 

No. Growing cannabis — whether you are a medical patient or not — is illegal in Georgia. You cannot cultivate any plants on or off your property.

Does Georgia Accept Out-of-State Medical Marijuana? 

You cannot bring out-of-state marijuana to Georgia. However, the state does allow for out-of-state medical marijuana cardholders to possess high-CBD, low-THC oil as long as it follows Georgia marijuana laws.

Can People in Georgia Get Medical Marijuana for Sleep Issues? 

Unfortunately, you cannot get GA medical marijuana solely for sleep complications. To get your hands on a Georgia medical card, you have to have one of the following qualifying conditions:

How Can I Be Prescribed Medical Marijuana in Georgia? 

To be prescribed medical marijuana in Georgia, you have to first meet with a qualified physician. These physicians will evaluate you and see if you have the qualifications for at least one of the conditions listed above. If you qualify, then they will provide you with the medical recommendation you need to apply and register with the state’s MMJ program.

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Georgia 

Finding a medical marijuana doctor in Georgia doesn’t have to be difficult. To make it as easy as possible, you can head to our partners at Heally. Heally operates entirely online, helping you get the medical recommendation you need for a GA medical marijuana card. Then, they will walk you through the next steps of registering with the state and where to go from there.

All you have to do is click here to get started: https://elevateholistics.getheally.com/patient_admin/patient_users/sign_up

If you want to visit an in-person doctor, you can find a licensed professional through GA’s medical board website. Click here for more: https://medicalboard.georgia.gov/look-licensee

How Do I Get My Medical Marijuana License in Georgia? 

If you’re interested in getting your GA medical marijuanas license or Georiga dispensary license, you need to visit the GA Composite Medical Board’s website. Medical licenses are not the same as medical cards; a GA medical marijuanas license is for qualified medical professionals who want to be able to grant an individual with MMJ. If this is you, you can visit the website and apply here.

How to Get a Medical Marijuanas Card in GA 

Getting a GA medical marijuana card is quite straightforward. First thing’s first, you have to meet with a licensed physician that affirms you have a qualifying condition for MMJ. If they approve you, your physician will enter your information into the Department of Public Health’s Low-THC Oil Registry. From there, the program will issue you your very own medical card for just a small fee of $25.

As soon as your card is ready to be picked up, you’ll get an email. They tend to be ready within about two weeks. You will head to one of the many public health offices across the state and pick up your card; these cards are valid for two years.

Are There Any Dispensaries in Georgia?

Georgia recently opened their first dispensaries in the state! Currently, there are only a handful of GA dispensaries, with the state only issuing five dispensing licenses thus far. However, this may change in the future. 

Keep in mind that you may find a few shops in GA boasting that they’re dispensaries. These stores are more like smoke shops, and they sell federally legal cannabis products like hemp-derived CBD, delta-8 THC, THCO, and more.

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