Louisiana Medical Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions

Louisiana Medical Marijuana FAQ

Louisiana medical marijuana

  • Is medical marijuana legal in Louisiana?

    Yes. After years of complicated legislation and vague regulations, Louisiana finally legalized medical marijuana in 2016.

    Act No. 874 of the 1991 Louisiana Legislative session allowed doctors to “prescribe” marijuana to patients. However, federal law prohibits marijuana, so doctors could not technically prescribe a banned substance since prescribing marijuana would mean prosecution.

    Since 1991, the law has undergone several changes and amendments, and we now have a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

    Twenty-five years later, SB 271 replaced the ambiguous 1991 law and made Louisiana the first state in the Deep South to create an extensive medical marijuana program. In 2021, the governors and the legislature approved smoked or “raw or crude” cannabis.

    Louisiana medical marijuana pharmacies can dispense a maximum of 2.5 ounces of cannabis every fourteen days to a patient. Patients can possess up to a 30-day supply of medical marijuana. It is prohibited to dispense raw cannabis to anyone under 21 unless their physician has specially recommended it.

  • How do I get a medical card in Louisiana?

    First, you need to see a qualified physician to get your Louisiana medical marijuana card. Any physician licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to practice in Louisiana can recommend medical marijuana for you if you both share a bonafide doctor-patient relationship.

    Elevate Holistics is currently live in Louisiana, and you can book an appointment using our telemedicine services! Our appointments are 100% online, 100% private, and 100% hassle-free. Plus, they’ll cost you about half the price of your average MMJ doctor.

    When you meet your physician, you will discuss your medical condition and medical history with them. Arrive early and have your state-issued photo ID with you. During the consultation process, you can ask any questions about medical marijuana and the cardholding process.

    If your doctor believes you will benefit from medical marijuana, they will send a recommendation to a licensed medical marijuana dispensary so you can get help as an MMJ patient.

  • Are edibles legal in Louisiana?

    Yes, edibles are legal in Louisiana for those with a valid medical marijuana card.

  • Who qualifies for a medical marijuana card in Louisiana?

    Before you can apply for a medical card in Louisiana, you must meet the following conditions:

    • Be a Louisiana resident with proof of residency
    • Be diagnosed with a qualifying condition
    • Possess an official written certification from a physician licensed by Louisiana

  • Does Louisiana accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards?

    No, patients with a valid medical marijuana card from another state cannot access Louisiana medical marijuana. Patients must reside in Louisiana to be recommended for and obtain Louisiana medical marijuana cards.

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