Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can purchase recreational cannabis in Maine?

    Recreational cannabis, or “adult-use” cannabis, is legal only for Maine residents who are 21 years old or older. 

  • Who can purchase medical cannabis in Maine?

    Medical patients in Maine who have the proper certification are allowed to purchase cannabis from a caregiver or a licensed dispensary. These cards are only available to residents of Maine.


    If you’re from out of state and have a valid patient ID or certification, and if your state complies with out-of-state medical use, then you can also purchase medical cannabis in Maine.

  • What is the difference between a dispensary and a caregiver retail store?

    In the past, there were huge juxtapositions between dispensaries and caregiver retail stores, but, today, the biggest difference is their ability to grow cannabis. Essentially, dispensaries can grow as much cannabis as they want, while caregiver retail stores are limited in possession.

  • How many dispensaries are in Maine?

    Maine currently has eight licensed medical dispensaries. These are not to be confused with caregiver retail stores, as caregivers are allowed to operate their own shops to sell cannabis and cannabis-related products.

  • How much does it cost to get a patient certification? Are temporary/digital/electronic certifications valid?

    The cost for a patient certification is going to depend on the provider you get it from. However, the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program does not charge registered providers for medical cards, making them more accessible and easy to obtain at little to no cost. Again, it simply depends.


    Temporary, digital, and/or electronic cards or certifications are not valid in the state of Maine.

  • How old do I have to be to purchase adult-use cannabis and cannabis products?

    You must be 21 years old or older to purchase and consume non-medical cannabis in Maine.

  • Where can I legally consume cannabis?

    It is illegal to consume cannabis in any form in public places. This includes spaces like music venues, outdoor malls, amusement parks, ski resorts, sporting events, state and national parks, playgrounds, cars, cannabis-related businesses, bars, restaurants, outdoor/rooftop cafes, sidewalks, and roads. 


    Essentially, you can only consume cannabis legally on private property. However, property owners can set regulations prohibiting cannabis use, and you must abide by those rules as well. It’s best to consume it in the safety and comfort of your home.

  • What if I’m on federal property?

    Under federal law, cannabis use is completely illegal. Thus, if you’re on federal property, you’re breaking federal law. You cannot even have cannabis or cannabis products in your possession when on federal property.

  • Can I drive after consuming cannabis?

    No. Just like alcohol, you cannot drive after consuming cannabis, as you are technically driving under the influence. Cannabis is intoxicating and, therefore, cannot be consumed prior to driving or operating machinery. Along those lines, it is also illegal to use cannabis within your vehicle.

  • How much cannabis can I possess?

    Adults 21 years and older can legally possess up to 2.5 oz. of a combination of cannabis flower, concentrate, and other cannabis products; you cannot have more than five grams of cannabis concentrates. 

  • Can I grow cannabis for personal use? How many plants?

    It is legal to grow cannabis for personal use in Maine. You can grow up to three mature and 12 immature plants, while an unlimited number of seedlings are allowed per adult resident. Of course, you must be 21 years old to grow. 


    If you are growing at home, you must be sure to keep it out of sight and away from any place that could be visible to the public even by binoculars or another visual aid. It must also be kept locked up and not accessible to anybody under the age of 21. Finally, you must properly tag your plants with your name, driver’s license, and state ID number, as well as note that the plant(s) are being cultivated as per state law.

  • Where can I find stats on Maine’s medical cannabis program?

    If you’re looking to find information on Maine’s medical cannabis program, check out their annual reports or open data through the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program. This will provide extensive insight into the program’s statistics.