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Medical Marijuana Nevada Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about MMJ and how Elevate Holistics can help you obtain an MMJ card in minutes. Money back guaranteed.

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How to Get a Medical Marijuanas Card in NV

Getting a medical marijuana card in Nevada is quite simple, and the process is similar to many other states across the country.

First, you have to start by registering with the state’s medical marijuana program. For their online registry, you can click here. After filling out the application, you’ll ask a certified physician to sign it, certifying that they have diagnosed you with one of the state’s qualifying medical conditions.

From here, you’ll upload the necessary documents, pay the $50 fee (or $100 fee for a two-year card), and wait for the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) to approve your application. In just a few weeks, you’ll then have your hands on a Nevada medical marijuana card.

What Illness Qualifies for Medical Marijuanas? 

To qualify for a Nevada medical marijuana card, a licensed physician must diagnose you with one of the following conditions:

To petition your medical condition to go onto the list of qualifying conditions, you can head to the Cannabis Compliance Board.

Is Medical Marijuana Cheaper Than Recreational? 

Technically, yes. While the product itself isn’t cheaper in price, medical marijuana patients in Nevada are exempt from paying an extra 10% sales tax on their products. Recreational consumers, however, have to pay this fee every time they make a purchase, and this can add up depending on how much cannabis you’re buying.

People enjoy getting Nevada medical marijuana because it saves them money over time, despite having to pay an initial $50 fee.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Marijuanas? 

Unfortunately, no, insurance does not cover medical marijuana cards or medical marijuana purchases in the United States. While you may be able to get your insurance to pay for your MMJ doctor’s appointment, they cannot pay for the actual card itself.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Nevada

Are marijuana seeds illegal in NV? Nope! Buying marijuana seeds in Nevada is easy — and you have myriad choices! If you’re purchasing in person, you can go to a local smoke shop or even a dispensary to purchase your seeds. Not all dispensaries in Nevada sell seeds, but some of them do.

If you’re looking to purchase online, you can buy marijuana seeds from various reputable seed banks. Simply take the time to research some of the seed banks you’re looking at and judge their credibility. If they seem trustworthy, have ample information about the seeds, and have multiple five-star reviews, you’re good to buy some and ship them right to your door. Since cannabis is legal in Nevada, you don’t have to worry about the package getting stopped by law enforcement.

How to Grow Marijuanas in Nevada 

Weed growing laws in Nevada state that adults can grow up to six plants per person, with no more than 12 plants total per household. However, you have to reside more than 25 miles from a state-licensed dispensary in order to be able to grow.

Nevada medical marijuana patients, on the other hand, can grow up to 12 plants for medicinal purposes in their household. You just have to make sure you keep your plants stored in a safe, enclosed area that the public (or minors) cannot easily access.

What is a Medical Marijuana Caregiver? 

A medical marijuana caregiver is someone who purchases and administers cannabis on someone else’s behalf. For example, if someone is elderly and interested in MMJ but doesn’t have the accessibility to travel to the dispensary and purchase the product, they can have a caregiver do this for them. This also applies to minors who require medical cannabis; typically, a parent or guardian will register as a designated caregiver and they will enter dispensaries to purchase the necessary products.

Nevada caregiver laws state that you have to be at least 18 years old to be a caregiver, and you have to live in NV permanently. You are not allowed to care for more than one patient at a time. The biggest caveat here is that caregivers cannot consume cannabis themselves. 

How Long Do Medical Marijuana Cards Last?

In the Silver State, you have two options: a one-year or a two-year Nevada medical marijuana card.

After that one or those two years pass, you will have to re-register with the state for a new medical card. You will have to pay the fee once again and get another doctor’s recommendation. Thankfully, the site portal makes it easy for returning patients.

How Much is a Medical Marijuana Card in Nevada?

The cost of a medical marijuana card in Nevada varies depending on which card you get. The one-year card costs $50, and the two-year costs — you guessed it — $100.

These fees quickly pay for themselves after a few trips to the dispensary. Remember, you’ll be saving ample cash by not having to pay that extra 10% tax when you have a Nevada medical marijuana card. 

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