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Unlock the relief you deserve with our Huntington, West Virginia medical marijuana card services! With a 100% money-back guarantee and expert guidance to keep you compliant with state laws, we’re your trusted partner in health and wellness. Let’s get started today!

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How to Get Your Huntington, WV Medical Marijuana Card

Step 1

Book Your Appointment (2 minutes)

Complete our quick & easy patient forms and schedule your telemedicine appointment for a medical marijuana prescription!

Step 2

Meet with Your Doctor (5 minutes)

On your video call with the provider they’ll be able to issue your MMJ card recommendation.

Step 3

Apply With West Virginia

Let Elevate Holistics ease the burden of step 3 – submitting that daunting state application. With our full-service support, our dedicated team will handle all your medical marijuana card paperwork for you. Skip the stress!

Work With Our Trusted Medical Marijuana Doctors in Huntington, West Virginia

Secure your medical marijuana card confidently with Elevate Holistics. Huntington, West Virginia residents trust our knowledgeable team and supportive service, leading to rave reviews from loyal, repeat customers. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable process with a company dedicated to your well-being.

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Huntington residents, get the relief you need now! Book your quick 15-minute West Virginia medical marijuana card appointment with our caring doctors today. It’s fast, easy, and confidential – take control of your health!

How Much West Virginia Medical Marijuana Cards in Huntington Cost

Enjoy savings with your medical marijuana card from Elevate Holistics in Huntington, West Virginia. Save an average of $70, backed by our money-back guarantee and a promise to price-match competitors, ensuring you get the best value and service.


MMJ Recommendation

State Fee







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Benefits of Your West Virginia MMJ Card

A medical marijuana card is a vital tool for accessing alternative treatment options in Huntington, West Virginia. By selecting a reputable provider like Elevate Holistics, patients can ensure compliance with state regulations while receiving personalized care from knowledgeable professionals. This expertise, combined with a focus on patient well-being, allows individuals to safely and effectively incorporate medical cannabis into their treatment plan, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.


Access to high quality product

Employment protection

Legal possession & consumption

Med Card


No Med Card

Medical Marijuana Recommendation $80

State Application Fee $50

Total $130

Qualifiying Conditions For a West Virginia MMJ Card

Maximize your well-being by exploring our site’s resources on medical marijuana qualifying conditions in Huntington, West Virginia. Our expert guidance streamlines the card process, ensuring you make informed decisions for your health.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
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Alzheimer’s disease
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Crohn’s disease
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Additional Helpful Information About WV MMJ

Navigating the medical marijuana card process in West Virginia doesn’t have to be complicated. Our up-to-date information and expert guidance on legal topics, such as your lawful right to possess, carry, and use marijuana with your card, will empower you to take control of your well-being. Trust us to simplify the journey and help you unlock the benefits of medical cannabis.
After you’ve been approved, you will need to go online and create an account with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. From there, you’ll complete a basic application form and pay the application fee of $50. If your application is approved, you will be notified by email and will receive your West Virginia medical marijuana card in the mail and you’ll be able to start shopping from the dispensaries in your area.
To renew a medical marijuana card in West Virginia, you’ll need to schedule a renewal appointment with our MMJ doctors and gather your current card, state ID, and recent medical records. Visit the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis website, log in, complete the renewal application, and pay the renewal fee — simply put, the same process you went through when you registered!
Having a West Virginia medical marijuana card ensures you are compliant with state laws. If you are in possession of an amount within the legal limit and are approached by law enforcement, you can present your card to verify your active registration with the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis. Your card affirms your legal right to possess, carry, and use marijuana within West Virginia.

West Virginia MMJ FAQs

Take control of your health with medical marijuana in Huntington, West Virginia. Elevate Holistics empowers you with clear, up-to-date answers to your questions about medical marijuana cards, required documents, grow laws, and more, ensuring you can make informed decisions for your well-being.
It will take between 30-60 days for you to get your West Virginia medical marijuana card. This is because the state has to thoroughly analyze your application — as well as many others — to ensure that everything was done correctly. Patience is key!
To get your WV MMJ card, you need to need your photo ID, proof of WV residency, a digital photo (think passport-quality), a copy of your completed Patient Certification form, and the state fee.
The medical marijuana card cost is $50 for most West Virginia residents. (If you can prove financial hardship, the state will waive this fee for you.) Additionally, you will need to pay for your appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. Elevate Holistics offers telehealth medical marijuana appointments starting at just $105.
People choose to get medical marijuana cards for so many different reasons. But, since recreational cannabis isn’t permitted in WV, getting a West Virginia medical marijuana card is the only way to legally buy, possess, and enjoy cannabis!
You’re allowed to buy and consume cannabis in oil, capsule, topical, tincture, liquid, and dry leaf form. However, smoking flower is not permitted: you’re only allowed to vape. Edibles are also not listed explicitly as permitted, but you may be able to find some at your local dispensaries.
No, public consumption is illegal in West Virginia.
Unfortunately, no, you are not allowed to grow marijuana at home in West Virginia.
Sadly, no, West Virginia does not offer medical marijuana reciprocity for cardholders.
If you lose your WV MMJ card, you must contact the DHHR’s Office of Medical Cannabis. They can help you get a replacement one in a timely manner.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on obtaining your MMJ card.