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Elevate Holistics’ purpose is to elevate people’s health naturally. By providing a HIPAA compliant, easy-to-use, online platform to obtain a medical marijuana card, you can be communicating with a board-certified physician in as little as 30-minutes and for as little as $75, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The best part? It’s all from home.

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Elevate Holistics has served thousands of patients, and is innovating to provide doctors & patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience. Check out how we have helped these people:

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Using HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software, you’ll have a personal consultation with a licensed physician. With a team of professionals available to help you through the process, you’ll quickly see why Elevate Holistics is the obvious choice for licensing.

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Do you have questions about getting a Rolla marijuana card? Since 2018 medical marijuana has been legal in Rolla, Missouri. Medical marijuana card has been helping people with certain medical conditions use, purchase and carry a certain amount of cannabis and marijuana products to help them get relief. 

Recreational use is still illegal in Missouri, but there have been ongoing efforts to legalize it. You can expect to see it listed on the 2022 ballot.

While getting your Missouri medical card might be simple, there are some things that you’ll need to know to make the process even easier.

Rolla, MO Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been alleviating symptoms associated with a variety of health conditions and if you’ve been suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, or another health condition that has been making life difficult you may qualify for a medical marijuana card in Rolla. 

It’s easy to get your card. First, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a licensed doctor, complete your online application and wait 30 days for your application to be processed.

Elevate Holistics makes it even easier by offering telemedical services. This convenient in-home medical appointment allows you to get certified without leaving the comfort of your home. Our licensed Missouri doctor will discuss your medical condition and recommend medical marijuana as the best treatment method if your condition qualifies. 

What can I buy with a medical marijuana card?

Your Missouri medical marijuana card allows you to purchase a variety of products from all Missouri dispensaries. Dispensaries carry many types of medical marijuana with different potencies and strengths. You can also buy various cannabis products that come in edibles, tinctures, oils, creams, dry flowers and plant material for vaporizers.  

Choosing just one product can be a bit overwhelming. Take your time to discuss the products with the dispensary worker and learn how the products will affect you. 

When buying from a dispensary you’ll need to show your medical card. You’ll also need to have your medical card on you if you are carrying any type of cannabis product. 

How long does it take to get my medical card?

Once you’ve submitted your application the DHSS can take up to 30 days to process your application. Applications are processed in the order they are received. And once you’ve been approved you can download and print out your medical card to use at a dispensary.

How much does an mmj card cost?

There are two different types of licenses that you can apply for – a standard medical marijuana card that allows you to use and purchase medical marijuana and a cultivation license that allows you to use and grow medical marijuana for personal use. The standard fee to get your medical card is $25.98 and $102.30 for a cultivation license.  Both fees are non-refundable and if approved you’ll be allowed to purchase and grow a certain amount of cannabis and products.

There is another out-of-pocket fee associated with obtaining either license and that is the doctor visit. This cost will vary depending on the doctor you choose. The cost for Elevate Holistic telehealth visits is between $75 – $100. 

What are the qualifying conditions?

When you are suffering from one or more of the qualifying conditions a licensed doctor will suggest that the best form of treatment is medical marijuana. These conditions include mental disorders, some digestive disorders, glaucoma, cancer, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, and various other types of chronic conditions. 

Most individuals being treated for chronic pain or anxiety will qualify for a medical card in Rolla, but the best thing to do is schedule your appointment with a doctor.

Where can I find a medical marijuana doctor?

If you have any of the qualifying conditions, you’ll need a licensed marijuana doctor who has the correct training, compassion, and belief in cannabis to suggest medical marijuana as the best form of treatment for that condition. 

At Elevate Holistics, you’ll find that all of our doctors are licensed under the State of Missouri and able to provide you with a cannabis treatment plan without leaving your home. 

Dispensaries near me

Your Rolla medical card will allow you to legally purchase edibles, tinctures, oils, creams, dry flowers, and vapes. There are different strengths and each product can have different effects on you. It’s best to choose a dispensary that has product knowledge.  You can purchase from any one of the 192 dispensaries throughout the state of Missouri.

With your card, you are limited to how much you can buy and have in your possession. Missouri limits are broken down into MMEs. One MME equals a certain amount of cannabis products and you are limited to buying 32 MMEs or 4 ounces of medical marijuana in 30 days.  

3.5 grams of Marijuana equals 1 MME 

1 gram of marijuana concentrate equals 1 MME

100 mg of THC infused product equals 1 MME

How do I renew my card?

Your mmj card is valid for one year, so you’ll be required to renew your license each year. This should be started 60 days before it is set to expire. You’ll find the expiration date listed on your card. Renewing your medical marijuana card in Rolla, MO is simple and can be done through the online portal. First, you’ll want to get recertified by a marijuana doctor and then complete the online application. 

Can I grow medical marijuana?

You can grow medical marijuana in your inside your home or in a secure area in your backyard with a cultivation license. This license is different from your medical card and costs more. You’re limited to growing six flowering plants and it is illegal to sell. 

Do I need a medical card to buy CBD products?

You do not need to have a medical card to purchase all CBD products. In fact, you will have no problem finding CBDs in just about any store. But if the CBDs contain traces of cannabis you will need to have a medical card to purchase those.


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    Booking your appointment to get your medical marijuana card has never been easier. Just pull up our calendar by clicking Book Now, selecting your state, and then choosing the day and time that works best for you. We can even file your application with the state by selecting the full-service add-on. Everything can be done from home and using a smartphone. Let’s get you scheduled.

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    Our secure site allows you to safely file your personal information with 256-bit encryption, versioning, and audit tracking. Once you’ve booked and paid for your appointment, you’ll be prompted to log into your dashboard to complete your intake and health form. After those are filled out, all you have to do is log in to speak with a doctor at your appointment time. We also offer discounts for veterans, medicare, and will submit state paperwork if you like. Answer a few questions and we’ll connect you with a physician to get you certified and on your way to consuming cannabis legally.

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    Using HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software, you’ll have a personal consultation with a licensed physician. Once that is complete you’ll either have us submit your paperwork or download your physician form and submit that to the state to complete the application process. With a team of professionals available to help you through the process, you’ll quickly see why Elevate Holistics is the obvious choice for going through Oklahoma’s or Missouri’s medical marijuana licensing system. Pick an appointment and take the first step.

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