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Medical Marijuana Delaware Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Delaware?

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Delaware and has been since 2011. The Delaware Medical Marijuana Act (DMMA) allowed those who have qualifying medical conditions to get their MMJ cards in the Blue Hen State. Currently, the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) oversees medical marijuana in the state. 

Since 2011, Delaware has decriminalized cannabis possession and even expunged the records of those with previous low-level cannabis crimes. Unfortunately, the state has yet to get behind the idea of recreational cannabis. While the concept was up for debate in 2018, it failed in the Statehouse and Delaware has yet to make progress on this front.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Delaware 

Getting a Delaware medical marijuana card is quite simple. First, like with most states, you need to begin by meeting with a certified physician to see if you meet the requirements for MMJ. If you do, your doctor will provide you with a medical recommendation you need to apply to the state.

From here, you’ll head over to the DHSS website and fill out a patient application either online or through the mail. Your application will cost a flat fee of $50, and you will have to pay this fee upon registering. Along with your application fee, you need to submit proper documentation such as a driver’s license, proof of residency, and so forth.

After you submit this information, you’ll simply wait a few weeks to hear back from the DHSS. Then, they’ll give you your Delaware medical card and you’ll be set to start shopping at your local dispensary.

Who Can Apply for a Medical Card?

Any resident of Delaware can apply for a medical card. If you apply on your own, you have to be at least 18 years old and qualify for MMJ. If you’re under 18 but are still interested in getting a Delaware medical marijuana card, you will need a designated caregiver to apply for you.

Caregivers are adults (at least 21 years old) who act on behalf of underaged patients or patients who don’t have ample accessibility. A designated caregiver will apply for the MMJ card of the patient, as well as go shopping for them. Any person under 18 who doesn’t have a medical card cannot enter a dispensary; it must be the caregiver’s duty.

What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Delaware? 

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Delaware, a physician must diagnose you with one of the following conditions:

If your current condition isn’t on this list, that’s okay. You can petition with the DHSS to include other conditions, allowing you to get your Delaware medical marijuana card.

What is the Renewal Process?

Renewing your Delaware medical card is just as easy — if not easier — than getting your card in the first place. You will use the same application form you used earlier from the DHSS site and simply state that you’re a renewing patient. You also still have to pay the $50 and submit an updated medical recommendation.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Delaware? 

Medical marijuana in Delaware costs a bit less than its neighboring states; however, the prices tend to be close to the market average. In the state, you’ll come across eighths ranging between $35-$50, while ounces are closer to $300.

How Can I Get a Medical Card Online? 

Getting a Delaware medical marijuana card online is easy. Our partners at Heally utilize their telemedicine platform to help people like you get your cards without even leaving your home. You’ll simply head over to their website and schedule an appointment with one of their expert cannabis physicians.

Then, you’ll meet with them — digitally, of course — to discuss your medical needs. If they find that you qualify for MMJ, they will provide you with the medical recommendation you need to apply on the state’s website.

Are There Any Dispensaries in Delaware? 

Yes, you can find a Delaware marijuana dispensary in multiple cities throughout the state. Delaware marijuana dispensaries are only open to those with medical cards, so make sure you have yours on you before trying to enter.

The first medical dispensary to open in Delaware was First State Compassion, and they stay behind one of the state’s largest, most premier dispensaries.

Can I Grow Marijuana With My Medical Card?

Unfortunately, growing marijuana at home is not currently permitted in Delaware.

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