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Oreoz Strain

Strain Spotlight: Oreoz

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, introducing new and exciting strains that capture the attention of connoisseurs and casual consumers alike. One such addition to

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Can a Caregiver Grow Weed in Illinois?

Sometimes, Illinois medical marijuana patients need help accessing and consuming their medical marijuana. Thankfully, this is where IL caregivers come in. But does a caregiver’s

myrcene terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Myrcene

Without terpenes, your favorite cannabis strains simply wouldn’t smell and taste the way that they do. The myrcene terpene, in particular, is one of the

CBD in Iowa

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

With mixed cannabis legalization in Iowa, the Hawkeye state’s cannabis laws are currently some of the most limiting and confusing in the country. If you

Sherbet ice cream; sunset sherbet strain

Strain Spotlight: Sunset Sherbet

These days, smoking weed is more enjoyable than ever. Not only are our strains stronger, but they taste better, too. The Sunset Sherbet strain is

Compare Cannabinoids

CBDv vs. CBD: What is CBDv Good For?

Sometimes, it feels like a new cannabis term or chemical compound springs up daily. This time, CBDv (cannabidivarin) is the lucky one in the spotlight.

Black-Owned cannabis brands

5 Black-Owned Cannabis Brands to Shop From

February is Black History Month and, for us, that means celebrating Black culture while simultaneously acknowledging the disparities that Black Americans have faced in the

Marijuana bud, cannabis flower, and lavender on a gray surface; linalool terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Linalool

If there’s one terpene in cannabis that you’ve undoubtedly experienced before, it’s linalool. The linalool terpene is not only abundant in cannabis plants, but it’s

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Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

The availability of CBD in Missouri is ideal for those wanting to experience its therapeutic benefits. Finding quality and safe CBD products is trickier than

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What You Need to Know About Craft Cannabis

The term “craft cannabis” describes a unique type of marijuana that uses superior cultivation techniques and nutrients to deliver a fresh product — just think

shutterstock 1986224435 scaled

What is Kratom and Is It Safe?

Kratom, an herb derived from a tree native to Asia, is gaining popularity across the US due to its therapeutic benefits. Kratom consumers report relief

Northern Lights over Alaska wilderness

Strain Spotlight: Northern Lights

If someone were to ask you to name an indica strain of weed, you’re either going to say one of two strains: Northern Lights or

Medical Marijuana 1024x680 1

Good Excuses to Get a Medical Card

Who says you’re not qualified to use medical cannabis? Well, a doctor might. So, if you aren’t sure you qualify for any of the conditions

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