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Las Vegas Cannabis Lounge

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Las Vegas is good for a lot of reasons: including cannabis consumption. Now, you can have fun on some slots and then head over to the new Las Vegas cannabis lounge, SkyHigh. 


As a somewhat new feature in the marijuana industry, a lot of people are unfamiliar with what a cannabis lounge is and what it has to offer. But, that’s why we’re here. 


Whether you’re planning on visiting Vegas soon or you happen to live in the area, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what to expect from this brand-new cannabis lounge.

Wait, What is a Cannabis Lounge?

Before we talk about the details behind SkyHigh Lounge, let’s talk about the idea of cannabis lounges in the first place. 


In general, a cannabis lounge, also known as a cannabis café or marijuana lounge, is a business that allows patrons to consume cannabis on-site — just like a bar or café. Except you get cannabis, of course.  


These lounges can vary widely in style, atmosphere, and offerings, but they share the common feature of providing a legal, social setting where 420 fans can consume cannabis products safely. How sweet is that?


While these businesses are still gaining popularity in the US because of legal ramifications, there are a handful in existence today. You can find some throughout California, Colorado, and now Nevada. 


At the same time, other states like Alaska, Michigan, Illinois, and Massachusetts also allow social consumption and have licenses in the works for lounges.  

Exploring SkyHigh Lounge

Now that we’ve established what a cannabis lounge is, let’s talk about SkyHigh.


SkyHigh Lounge is not only a new Las Vegas cannabis lounge, but it’s the first — and only — one in the state. This lounge is located within the world’s largest dispensary, NuWu, in downtown Las Vegas. 


Of course, you’ll have to be 21 to enter the space and have a valid ID to present to security. But, once you’re in, you’re able to enjoy cannabis in a whole new, much more social, way. 

How it Works

The way that this Las Vegas cannabis lounge works is by walking in or making an appointment (which we’d suggest doing considering the site’s popularity), ensuring you have your ID on you. 


If you make a reservation and book a table package, you can pick between three different tiers of products. To give you an example, the first tier at $115 gives you 3.5 grams of premier flower & a bong rental, 1 gram of extract & a Dr. Dabber XS rental, and four premium prerolls. 


The top tier at $575, however, will give you all of the following: 


  • 3.5 grams of premier flower & (1) JB bong rental
  • 0.5 gram of extract & (1) Dr. Dabber XS rental
  • 4 premium prerolls
  • 4 cannacocktails (served in a pitcher)
  • Keep your bong rental
  • Keep your XS rental


Once you’re there, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite cannabis products with all of your friends — and maybe a few strangers.

Las Vegas Cannabis Lounge

SkyHigh’s Not the Only Cannabis-Friendly Joint in Vegas

SkyHigh is such a great option for any 420 fans visiting Las Vegas. But, it’s not the only cannabis-friendly spot in the city!


Not too long ago, the state’s first cannabis hotel also opened up on The Strip. The Lexi Las Vegas, formerly the Artisan, has an entire floor of cannabis-friendly rooms for anyone who wants to indulge while they stay. 


These rooms come with advanced air filtration technology to ensure that both you and the other guests have the best experience possible. 


Looking for the best vacation ever? Book a room at The Lexi and then spend the evening at the SkyHigh Vegas cannabis lounge. It can’t get better than that.

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