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Marijuana in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi is the latest state to enact a medical marijuana law at the time of this writing. As of February 2022, they became the 37th state to have a legalized medical marijuana program after the governor signed the legislation into law. The Mississippi State Department of Health manages the program.

On their site, you can find all kinds of details about the program to help you understand how to apply and what to expect.

For starters, let’s take a look at the medical laws, as well as the ongoing battle for the legalization of recreational marijuana, state reciprocity laws, and more. You might be surprised to find that while it’s new, the law in Mississippi is a lot more inclusive than you expect.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Mississippi?

Until 2022, Mississippi remained one of the many states where marijuana use of any kind was illegal and people were held accountable at the state and federal levels. Even the decriminalization of marijuana took some time, as it does in most states. But, eventually, things came around.

This effort has been in the works for several years and, thanks to recent votes, Mississippi residents will soon have access to medical marijuana throughout the state.

  June 2022 is the opening date of the application process and patients will be advised of a five-day approval time for their registration. Licensing for operations will take up to 30 days for approval.

Patients who wish to apply for a Mississippi medical marijuana card will simply have to have proof of their qualifying condition(s) and a diagnosis from an approved medical provider. 

As part of the new law, the state will also be responsible for setting up and maintaining legal medical dispensaries that patients can visit to purchase their cannabis products.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Mississippi?

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Mississippi at the current time. Considering that they have just enacted a medical marijuana law, it might be awhile before they talk about adding recreational use to the list. 

For those residents of the state who want to use marijuana legally, you will have to obtain a Mississippi medical marijuana card. It’s as simple as that.

Buying, cultivating, using, or otherwise possessing marijuana without a valid medical card is a violation of state and federal laws.

Mississippi Medical Marijuanas Law

The new Mississippi medical marijuana law went into effect immediately after the governor signed it. However, it’ll take some time for manufacturers and dispensaries to be operational and for patients to properly register so that they can purchase cannabis in the state.

Patients who have a qualifying condition will be allowed to purchase as much as 3.5 grams of marijuana or a single gram of concentrate each day. The monthly limit will be a total of three ounces of cannabis in any form.

The law permits the use of cannabis in several forms: flower, extracts, edibles, beverages, ointments, topical products, tinctures, oils, and even suppositories.

Under the Mississippi law, the state still prohibits certain circumstances. For example, you cannot publicly consume marijuana, consume it in the workplace, while operating a motor vehicle, boat, train, airplane, or other vehicle or transport method.

Employers still have the right to drug test employees and can decide for themselves whether they will permit medical marijuana patients to be in their employ.

Federal laws will still prohibit CDL drivers and other federally-based employees from becoming medical marijuana patients in the state of Mississippi. 

In the case of drivers, the Department of Transportation sets driver rules and guidelines at the federal level and those cannot be changed by the state.

The law will likely change and evolve over time, as most of the medical marijuana laws out there today tend to do.

How Do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi?

The application process that opens in June 2022 will require patients to visit a qualifying medical provider and get a diagnosis that matches one of the qualifying conditions listed below. 

Then, they will need to submit that documentation along with their proof of residency and the registration fee.

The state will approve their application and provide the Mississippi medical marijuana card they need. From there, patients can purchase marijuana from dispensaries around the state.

As the program gets underway, the state will provide more resources for patients, caregivers, and qualifying providers describing the process and the application rules.

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

As part of the new law, there is an extensive list of conditions and treatments that they state included in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program. The current list includes:

Any condition or treatment that causes these symptoms, or that is unresponsive to other treatment options. The state will also allow further conditions to be added via petition as time goes on.

It will cost $25 to register for a medical marijuana card in Mississippi. Patients on limited incomes or with certain circumstances may qualify for discounts on the card fee, but that remains to be determined.

Mississippi Reciprocity

Some will tell you that there are reciprocity guidelines in place for Mississippi dating back to 2021 when the bill was first going through the system. While it has been stated that temporary patients from out-of-state will need to register with the Department of Health in the state to be eligible for purchase, there are other documents that still say no actual reciprocity laws have been signed. 

After all, medical marijuana just became legal, so that will probably happen in time.

Growing Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

It will remain illegal for patients or caregivers to grow marijuana for their own use. It will need to be purchased from state-licensed companies and will be taxed at a rate of 5% along with the standard state sales tax. 

As of right now, there are a limited number of facilities approved for growing medical marijuana within the state and anyone caught doing it without proper licensing will be held accountable to current state and federal laws.

Mississippi Dispensaries

The state only approved Mississippi medical marijuana recently. However, it’s estimated that if things go smoothly, dispensary licensing could begin within six months. This means the program could be up and running by the end of 2022.

Mississippi hasn’t placed any limit on the number of dispensaries that are allowed to open or where they can set up shop. The original language kept the dispensaries in specially zoned areas where they were away from schools, commerce, etc.

However, the law that passed allows any business or company to apply for licensure as a cultivator or dispensary within the state. They can also do business in any area that is zoned for it, giving dispensaries more options for locations than before. 

The law states that all cannabis cultivation and dispensing happen in heavily monitored, secure facilities.

The computer system will keep track of patient days. This ensures that no one attempts to purchase more medical cannabis than what the state allows. The dispensaries will all use the same state-based tracking system, too. Thus, patients cannot go to a different dispensary when they run out of purchase allotments for the month.

Can You Order Weed Online in Mississippi?

At the current time, patients cannot order weed online or buy medical marijuana without making an appearance at a dispensary in person. Minor patients and those who are physically or mentally unable to obtain their own marijuana can have a caregiver make purchases on their behalf.

It is likely that some dispensaries will follow suit with other states and offer online ordering for those interested. However, as of right now, it is not possible to legally order weed online if you’re a Mississippi resident. 

Fortunately, the new medical marijuana law is at least making it easier for people who have qualifying conditions.

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