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Privacy Policy

Purpose: This Privacy Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the collection, use, and disclosure of patient information by Elevate Holistics, a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine provider. 

Scope: This policy covers all patient information, including Protected Health Information (PHI), collected and processed by Elevate Holistics. 

HIPAA Compliance: Elevate Holistics is fully committed to complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other applicable laws and regulations. Elevate Holistics conducts annual risk assessments regarding all updated policies and procedures set by the HIPAA compliance office.

Information We Collect

Personal Information: We collect personal information from patients for the purpose of providing telemedicine services, which may include, but is not limited to, names, addresses, contact details, and demographic information. 

Protected Health Information (PHI): PHI includes medical records, treatment information, and any other health-related data. PHI is collected, used, and disclosed only as necessary for the provision of healthcare services and in accordance with HIPAA regulations. 

Other Information: We may collect non-PHI data for operational purposes, such as analytics and improving and/or performing our services. 

Use of Information

Treatment: Patient information, including PHI, is used for diagnosis and healthcare services. 

Payment: Patient information may be used for billing and payment processing. 

Healthcare Operations: Information supports internal operations, quality improvement, and compliance activities.

Disclosure of Information

Authorized Disclosures: Patient information may be disclosed to authorized entities (e.g., healthcare providers, insurers) without patient consent when required for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations. 

Patient Consent: Any disclosures requiring patient consent will only occur with their explicit authorization.

Security Measures

Data Security: We employ stringent security measures to protect patient information, including encryption, access controls, and audit trails. 

Training: Our staff undergo training in privacy and security measures to safeguard patient information. 

Incident Reporting: Procedures are in place for reporting and handling data breaches or security incidents.

Patient Rights

Access to Information: Patients have the right to access and request copies of their medical records. 

Amendments: Patients can request corrections to their medical records. 

Accounting of Disclosures: Patients have the right to receive an accounting of disclosures of their PHI. 

Complaints and Contact Information

Complaints: Patients may file complaints regarding privacy violations by contacting Elevate Holistics in-house Compliance Officer, Aspen Jewel, at [email protected] with concerns or requests. 

Contact Information: For any privacy concerns or inquiries, please contact [email protected] via email. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Updates: This privacy policy may be updated. Patients will be informed of changes upon request and may access Elevate Holistics’ privacy policy anytime via the website: elevate-holistics.com. 

Effective Date: The effective date of the current privacy policy is 10/24/2023. 

Consent and Acknowledgment

Patient Consent: By using Elevate Holistics’s telemedicine services, patients consent to the terms outlined in this privacy policy. 

Acknowledgment: Patients acknowledge that they have read and understood the policy. 

Compliance Assurance: Elevate Holistics remains committed to HIPAA compliance and the protection of patient information. 

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