Let's face it: there are a lot of medical marijuana card services on the market. So, how can you tell which companies are high-quality, and which ones to avoid? Don't worry: Elevate Holistics did all the work for you. We've compared our medical marijuana card services to some of the other top contenders in the MMJ industry. With this, you'll see how highly Elevate Holistics stands among the rest.

Oklahoma Fee$100$200$150$200$130
Missouri Fee$125$200$200$150
Illinois, Maryland,
Ohio Fee
Annual Renewal Fee$75$175$100
(OK only)
Medicare + Veteran
Same Day
First Bookings
State Application
(Where Applicable)
on staff
Cannabis nurse

Elevate’s Medicare and Veteran Discounts

Here at Elevate Holistics, we want to make our medical marijuana card services as affordable and as accessible as possible. That’s exactly why the Elevate medicare and veteran discounts stand out from the rest. We understand the complicated relationship between medical marijuana and veterans, so we ensure that proper discounts are always available to those who qualify. As you saw above, other brands’ lack medical marijuana card and veteran benefits speak loudly. With Elevate, you know we’ll always take care of you — no matter what your budget is. 

Book a Same-Day Appointment Through Elevate Holistics

When you’re booking your online medical card appointment, you want to get the process done quickly. We get that. That’s exactly why Elevate Holisics offers same-day appointments, allowing you to experience your online medical card appointment ASAP. Getting and booking normal MMJ appointments are stressful enough; but, with Elevate, they’re 100% hassle-free. That’s the Elevate promise. 

Curious About Your State Application Status? Elevate’s Got You

After finishing your medical marijuana card state application, we know you’re antsy to see if your application’s status. That’s why we’re one of the only MMJ card services that let you see the status of your medical marijuana card application once the state completes it (if the service is available where you reside). This way, once you’re approved, you know right away and can start celebrating. 

All of Our Extra Services

All of this is just the beginning of Elevate’s incredible medical marijuana card services. In the table you’ll see other MMJ services we offer that others simply don’t. Whether you’re looking for a medical marijuana pharmacist, a cannabis nurse, cannabinoid consulting, or something else, Elevate Holistics medical marijuana services are here to give you everything you need and more.