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Elevate Holistics prides itself on the various services and affordable prices we have to offer. We understand that with MMJ, not everything is one-size-fits-all. That’s why we provide discounted prices, affordable rates, and add-on services to help you get everything you need and more for your medical marijuana experience. Simply find your state using the button below to see the exact prices for your area.

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Interested in more than just a medical marijuana consultation? We have you covered. From CBD consultations to speaking with an expert cannabis nurse, Elevate Holistics offers additional services that most MMJ businesses don’t. (But that’s because we care more.) Take a look at the comprehensive add-ons we have available and select the ones that you would most benefit from.

Most Popular add-ons

Additional add-ons

  • Ask a Cannabis Nurse...................

    In our Cannabis Nurse consult, you’ll get to discuss cannabis in-depth with our expert physician. This service is best for those who are new to cannabis and are wanting to talk to a professional. Learn More

  • CBD Consult.................................

    In our CBD Consult, you’ll sit down with Aspen, our health and wellness expert. You two will talk in-depth about CBD, its benefits, and how it can help you. If you’re on the fence about THC or medical cannabis as a whole, our CBD Consult is a great place to start. Learn More

  • Holistic Wellness Consult..............

    Consult with Aspen, our health and wellness expert, about all things holistic wellness. In this service, you two will go over diet, exercise, and other holistic activities you can add to your new life with cannabis. If you’re newer to medical marijuana (MMJ) and are curious about holistic wellness — or maybe you’re interested in getting off traditional medication — this service is for you. Learn More

  • Personalized Cannabis Email..........

    In our personalized cannabis email, you’ll receive an individualistic health and wellness plan from our expert herself, Aspen. Here, she’ll walk you through the best steps in changing your life for the better, from ideal terpenes, strains, to even breathing techniques — all through email. Learn More

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