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Montana and Cannabis. What You Should Know

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How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Montana

If you live in Montana and struggle with chronic health conditions, medical marijuana could be an effective treatment option for you. Medical marijuana is legal in Montana, but many residents aren’t sure how to get their Montana medical card. The process is easier than you might think, and Elevate Holistics is here to help. We make it easy to get your medical marijuana card online using accessible telehealth services. Here’s how to get a medical card in Montana and everything else you need to know.

Getting Your Montana Medical Marijuana Card

Is marijuana legal in Montana? The process of getting a medical marijuana card has gotten much easier over the years as Montana medical marijuana laws have evolved. In early 2021, Montana legalized marijuana for recreational use, but patients with qualifying conditions can still get a medical marijuana card. Having a medical marijuana card in Montana can make it easier to access cannabis, as the state is still working on rolling out their recreational marijuana program.

The first step to getting your medical card in Montana is to visit a physician and get an official recommendation. Unlike in other states, any physician in Montana can prescribe medical marijuana. However, there are many clinics that specialize in medical marijuana recommendations. Your physician will determine if you have one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Montana. If so, they can fill out the recommendation form for you.

Once you have your recommendation, you will need to complete the rest of the application and send it into the Cannabis Control Division at the Montana Department of Revenue. You will need to fill out the form in its entirety and include a photocopy of your Montana driver’s license or state ID. You will also need to pay the application fee.

Montana processes all applications within 30 days of receiving them. However, processing times can vary widely, so you may need to be patient. Your medical marijuana card will be mailed to you once your application has been approved, and then you will be able to visit a dispensary.

Elevate Holistics offers online medical marijuana appointments, so you won’t have to see a physician in person. Our appointments are completely secure and HIPAA-compliant, and we offer affordable pricing. Our physicians can not only help you through the application process, but they can also answer any questions you have about marijuana and the best products to use.

What are the qualifying conditions in Montana?

In order to get your medical marijuana card in Montana, you will need to have one of the qualifying medical conditions that have been approved by the state. The list includes a wide variety of chronic physical and mental health conditions. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify for medical marijuana in Montana, it can help to speak to a licensed physician about your treatment options.

The conditions that qualify for medical marijuana in Montana are HIV/AIDS, cachexia, glaucoma, epilepsy, Chron’s disease, PTSD, MS, and CIDP. Other conditions that cause chronic nausea, muscle spasms, and pain can qualify for medical marijuana treatment. Finally, any condition that causes admittance to hospice care may qualify.

Is it easy to get a medical card in Montana?

Many people wonder – is weed legal in Montana? The process of getting a medical marijuana card in Montana is fairly easy if you have one of the state’s qualifying conditions. It’s also very similar to the process of getting a medical marijuana card in other states. Once you have your recommendation from a doctor, you will just need to print and fill out the form and then mail it in with the required documentation. The most challenging part of getting your medical marijuana card is waiting for approval, as it can take up to a month in some scenarios.

How long does it take to get a medical marijuana card in Montana?

The amount of time it takes to get a medical marijuana card in Montana can vary depending on your unique circumstances. It can take some time to get an appointment with a doctor who will verify your condition and recommend that you get a medical marijuana card. Elevate Holistics makes it easy to schedule an appointment online so you can get your card faster. Once you have mailed in your application, the Montana government will approve it within 30 days. The exact time it takes to get your card will vary depending on how many applications are in line for processing ahead of yours. Mail delivery times can also have an effect on when you get your card in the mail.

What are the dispensary laws in Montana?

Montana dispensary laws are evolving, as the state government has recently legalized marijuana for recreational use. Many consumers wonder, “are there recreational dispensaries in Montana?” Right now, dispensaries in Montana are only open to patients with their medical marijuana cards. However, we will see recreational dispensaries open over the next few years. Right now, any Montana resident can go inside a dispensary, and you can purchase hemp-derived CBD products without a medical card. However, products with THC are still limited to those who have a medical card. This will change shortly as the new recreational marijuana program is rolled out.

There are medical marijuana dispensaries in several of Montana’s biggest cities and towns. However, some residents may still need to travel to find a medical marijuana dispensary, as Montana is sparsely populated. When you visit a dispensary in Montana, you’ll need to make sure to bring your medical card as well as your ID.

The staff at your dispensary should be able to help you find the products you are looking for and answer any questions you may have. In Montana, you will find smokable flower as well as other products like concentrate, edibles, and more. This gives you more options when it comes to your treatment. You will also want to bring cash when you visit your dispensary. Since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, many banks will not process marijuana transactions. While many dispensaries have ATMs on site, it’s always best to come prepared.

Can medical marijuana patients in Montana have a caregiver?

There are some instances in which medical marijuana patients may not be able to go to the dispensary themselves. For example, patients under the age of 21 are typically not allowed into dispensaries. Additionally, there are some instances in which patients with serious chronic conditions cannot physically visit the dispensary. In this instance, the patient can designate a caregiver to pick up products for them.

Montana marijuana laws make it easy to apply as a caregiver. The patient will still need approval from a doctor, and they will need to complete the application as normal. The caregiver will need to fill out their own forms, provide proof of identification and residency, and pay a $25 registration fee.

Caregivers in Montana are called ‘providers’, and you will find the forms for this application on the Montana Department of Revenue’s website. Applicants under the age of 18 will need to fill out a separate Minor Registry Application Packet, and their parent or guardian will need to apply with them as a provider. After the application has been processed, the provider will receive a medical card that they can use at dispensaries to purchase the items they need.

Does Montana have reciprocity?

Montana weed laws do not currently allow reciprocity for medical marijuana cards. This means that dispensaries won’t accept medical marijuana cards from other states. Patients will need to be a Montana resident and possess a Montana medical marijuana card in order to purchase cannabis products. However, there are a number of other states and districts that do have medical marijuana reciprocity and will accept Montana medical marijuana cards.

Is it legal to grow my own marijuana in Montana?

Montana’s new cannabis laws allow you to grow a small amount of marijuana on your own at home. This can be a good option for patients who use larger quantities of marijuana on a regular basis, or those who live far away from their dispensary.

Montana medical marijuana growers can grow up to four plants at home. You no longer need a medical marijuana card to grow your own plants. You can also transport small quantities of marijuana around the state as necessary. If you plan to grow marijuana at home, you may need to provide a signed permission form from your landlord when you send in your medical marijuana card application.

Learn more about Montana’s marijuana laws by clicking here.

Montana’s changing medical marijuana laws make it easier than ever to get the cannabis products that you need. Elevate Holistics can help you get your medical marijuana card online. We offer secure, HIPAA compliant appointments from the comfort of your own home at an affordable price. Our compassionate and knowledgeable doctors are here to help answer your questions and recommend an appropriate medical marijuana treatment plan.

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