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New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Card

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New Hampshire residents, like many U.S. citizens, are seeking more information about medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legalization in the state. Because this is a state-level issue, the laws will be different across the board. 

As an educated consumer, it will be up to you to learn all about the laws for New Hampshire medical marijuana and how to follow those laws accordingly.

In the guide below, we’ll cover everything from the legalities of medical marijuana in NH to how to quality, the costs, and whether New Hampshire recognizes other states’ MMJ certifications and cards.

NH Medical Marijuanas Card

New Hampshire marijuana laws have been in effect since 2016. Originally passed into law in 2013, HB 573 was the original bill that brought medical marijuana to the state. Of course, like all medical laws and mandates, certain legalities must be followed.

Essentially, the NH marijuana laws allow qualifying patients to obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes. The law outlines exactly how much cannabis a person can possess with a medical card. It also establishes the qualifying conditions and the locations at which patients may purchase medical marijuana, often known simply as dispensaries.

Let’s look at the law a little closer.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in New Hampshire?

The state of New Hampshire enacted an MMJ law in 2013. Since 2016, patients have been able to purchase cannabis for medical use from what the state has dubbed “alternative treatment centers,” or ATCs. The law also has provisions for caregivers and other legal elements.

 According to NH law, it is permissible for a qualifying patient to possess up to two ounces of cannabis for personal medical use.

Qualifying patients must register with the Department of Health in order to receive their license. In addition, there is a provision that allows for up to two (2) caregivers for each qualifying patient. This could be a parent or legal guardian of a minor child, or another caregiver chosen by the patient.

Bear in mind that if you’re found in possession of marijuana and you do not have a proper medical card, this is a crime and you will be held accountable at the state and federal levels.

New Hampshire has a larger list of qualifying conditions than some states, and there is room for a provider to petition for new conditions, so that gives hope to residents of New Hampshire who are hoping to get a medical weed card.

Recreational Marijuana in New Hampshire

As of 2022, one of many of the dozens of marijuana reform bills actually made it to the House and Senate, offering a new light on the use of legal weed within New Hampshire. 

According to the bill, anyone age 21 or older can possess up to ¾ of an ounce of marijuana and possess as many as six plants in total. It’s one of the most basic, yet progressive, laws being discussed today.

The recreational issue has not yet been resolved. Legislation was introduced to remove the criminal factor and provide people with the means to purchase and possess marijuana. Including the detailing of state-run dispensaries, as well as where they will operate and how they will conduct business. 

There have been a lot of attempts to legalize marijuana for recreational use in NH, but it continues to be a fight that will take some time.

For now, patients can use medical marijuana if they are able to prove a qualifying condition. It’s hopeful that within the next few years, recreational marijuana will also be legal in New Hampshire.

How to Get a Medical Card in New Hampshire

The process of obtaining a medical card in the state is fairly simple. First, patients must be a resident of the state and they must be diagnosed by a medical provider as having one of the listed qualifying conditions. Then, the applicant can apply for the Therapeutic Cannabis Program and be issued a registry ID card.

Unlike some states, New Hampshire does not have a list of “certified” medical providers. As long as the Written Certification form from the Department of Health and Human Services is filled out by a medical provider and a qualifying condition is listed, a resident can be approved for a medical marijuana card.

New Hampshire also allows “border-state” providers to write recommendations for medical marijuana for NH residents. However, these providers must prove to be primarily responsible for your medical care related to the qualifying condition.

For example, if you see a podiatrist in Vermont but you want medical marijuana for your PTSD, you’ll have to find another doctor. However, if your primary care provider is in Maine or Massachusetts because these regions are so close together, you could get certified with them and be issued a New Hampshire medical marijuanas card. The border state rule applies to Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Card in NH

In New Hampshire, there are certain qualifying conditions for which you can obtain a medical marijuana card. As mentioned, any medical doctor can certify the condition, but it must be approved by the state. At the time of this writing, the approved medical marijuana conditions in NH include:

Bear in mind that these conditions must be severe in nature or terminal. Symptoms such as persistent muscle spasms, severe nausea or pain, cachexia (wasting), or symptoms that have not responded to other treatment must be present in order to be approved for medical marijuana based on these conditions. 

Anyone with questions can talk to their medical provider for more information.

Cost of Medical Marijuana Card in New Hampshire

Those who wish to apply for a medical marijuana card in New Hampshire will have to pay a registration fee in addition to the cost of the medical appointment to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition. Currently, the cost of medical marijuana card in New Hampshire is just $50, which is much lower than in many other states.

The $50 fee must also be paid at the time of renewal, as there is no difference between a renewal and the initial application process. In addition, the Department of Health will issue replacement cards for those who have lost theirs, for a small fee of just $10. 

Since you have to have your card to buy marijuana in the state, this could be helpful in the event your card gets lost or misplaced. 

New Hampshire Dispensaries

There are dispensaries throughout the state that have been approved for operation by the government. These are known as Alternative Treatment Centers. In the state of New Hampshire, medical marijuana cardholders are required to select an ATC at the time of their application to the registry. 

There are three companies to choose from, with a total of seven locations throughout the state.

Patients are welcome to change their preferred ATC at any time by submitting a request known as “Change of Information/Lost Card.” Unlike some states, you cannot just walk into any dispensary and purchase marijuana simply because you have a medical card. 

New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

This is one of the most progressive states when it comes to reciprocity. New Hampshire not only recognizes out-of-state patients, but the law allows them to bring their own cannabis into the state and use it during their stay. 

The only requirement is that people have documentation from their physician of a qualifying condition that meets the requirements of New Hampshire law, not just in their home state.

Because of the way ATCs are set up, out-of-state patients generally cannot just buy weed in the state of New Hampshire without first applying for a card and choosing a dispensary during the application process. 

If you are visiting the state, it may be a good idea to just bring your own since you’re allowed, but make sure that you follow all of the laws and restrictions on public use, transportation, etc.

Growing Marijuana in New Hampshire

Although several bills and laws have been introduced regarding the growth of marijuana for personal medical use in the state, they have been vetoed or otherwise swatted down just as quickly as they appear. 

Even as of 2022, there’s a measure going through the Senate right now that would allow an increase in the amount of cannabis that patients can possess, as well as language that allows for growing up to six plants for personal use.

However, at the present time, it is only legal for those certified manufacturers within the state of New Hampshire to cultivate and distribute marijuana. And, they may only do so to qualifying dispensaries, also known as Alternative Treatment Centers, or ATCs.

There is a lot to understand with the New Hampshire medical marijuana laws, but if you take the time to review the basics, you’ll be familiar with the process. The Department of Health is available to answer questions and help applicants and caregivers with anything that they need, as well.

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