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Rainbow Belts candy; named after Rainbow Belts strain

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The Rainbow Belts strain is a newer one in the cannabis market, but it’s quickly making waves with its delicious flavor profile and strong potencies. 


But, what exactly does the Rainbow Belts strain have to offer? What are its effects like, and how does it taste?


Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the tasty Rainbow Belts cannabis strain to see why you should try it for yourself.

Origin of the Rainbow Belts Strain

Most cannabis strains have a bit of a muddy origin. Not every strain has a clear curation date or even a clear curator. However, it seems as though we can credit the Rainbow Belts strain to the Archive Seed Bank. 


Archive Seed Bank is a renowned cannabis seed company popular for its wide selection of high-quality cannabis genetics. It has gained a solid reputation within the cannabis community for its commitment to preserving and breeding unique and rare cannabis strains, and its founder ThaDocta, had been working hard in the industry since 2006.

People credit ThaDocta for the Rainbow Belts strain. This unique strain appears to have reached the mainstream cannabis market only a few years ago in 2022. So, if you haven’t tried this fruity strain yet, that’s probably why!

What Kind of Weed is Rainbow Belts?

Though its genetics are a little vague, the Rainbow Belts strain is an indica. Archive Seed Bank curated Rainbow Belts by breeding Zkittles with Moonbow, another Archive strain. 


Zkittles, better known as the Orignal Z these days (you know, trademarked candy), is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Moonbow, on the other hand, is a 50/50 hybrid. 

Together, the two relaxing strains created an indica-heavy Rainbow Belts that’s perfect for those seeking more soothing, nighttime cannabis experiences.

Rainbow Belts Strain Effects

Rainbow Belts candy; rainbow belts strain

The effects that the Rainbow Belts strain can bring will depend mostly on the person consuming it. However, as an indica strain, there are a handful of effects you can expect from this soothing option: 


  • Calming: Rainbow Belts provides a calming effect, making it suitable for relaxation.
  • Euphoric: Users often experience a sense of euphoria after consuming Rainbow Belts.
  • Happiness: This strain tends to induce feelings of happiness and contentment.
  • Relaxation: Rainbow Belts offers a relaxing high without immobilizing the user.
  • Talkative: Some users report increased sociability and talkativeness.
  • Giggly: Rainbow Belts can lead to bouts of laughter and giggling.


In general, Rainbow Belts are ideal for social settings, creative work, relaxation at home, and even outdoor activities. 

In terms of medical effects, many people use Rainbow Belts to alleviate symptoms related to insomnia, anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite.

What Does the Rainbow Belts Strain Smell and Taste Like?

Overall, Rainbow Belts is praised for its sugary-sweet flavor, calming effects, and colorful appearance, reminiscent of its candy-inspired name.


Many people love Rainbow Belts for the tropical flavor profile it offers, as well as its dessert-like notes.  Some consumers may detect hints of tree fruit in the flavor, as well, making it complex and layered.

Where to Find Rainbow Belts Near You

If you’re interested in trying the Rainbow Belts strain, having a medical marijuana card is the way to go. MMJ cards allow for affordable access to high-quality weed at lower prices than ever before. 


The Rainbow Belts strain may be a bit difficult to find at first, but if you take the time to search your local dispensaries, you should be able to get your hands on some variation of this candy-like cannabis. 

Now’s the time to give your health and wellness a whole new start.


Get your medical marijuana card online today in minutes and start enjoying the Rainbow Belts strain soon.

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