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We all know that cannabis strains have some weird names. And the Green Crack strain is no exception. 


This strain with an odd name is one of the most popular cannabis strains to come out in the last decade, and people from all across the country seek it out when shopping from dispensaries. 


But, what is the Green Crack strain? What kind of effects does it have on people, and how does it taste and smell? Let’s find out. 

The History of the Green Crack Strain

Like most strains in the cannabis industry, Green Crack has a slightly ambiguous history, and we aren’t 100% sure where it came from. 


But, from what we can tell, cultivators curated this strain back in the 1970s in Athens, Georgia. 


Interestingly enough, originally, the strain was named “Cush” (like that, with a ‘C’) and was renamed “Green Crack” by — surprise! Snoop Dogg after he experienced its potent sativa-like effects.


It provided a sharp energy and focus boost, leading to its somewhat controversial name. 


These days, you may actually find this strain called Green Crush simply because of the drug associated with the original name.

What Type of Cannabis is Green Crack?

Unlike other cannabis strains, we aren’t exactly sure who Green Crack’s parents are. Let’s explain. 


We know that Green Crack is the result of Skunk #1 (a classic hybrid strain) and some unknown indica. The cross between the two curated a buzzy, sativa-dominant strain that’s just as much of an anomaly as its genetics. 


Yes, Green Crack is a sativa strain, meaning it’s going to be best for those who enjoy the more stimulating results that sativas tend to bring. 


However, the strain does have prominent indica genetics, making it good for stress relief. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves: we can talk about the Green Crack strain effects next.

The Common Effects of Green Crack Weed

So, what do most people experience when they smoke Green Crack cannabis? 


With the strain’s sativa genetics, you’re likely going to pick up on very buzzy, energetic notes. It’s not uncommon to take a few puffs and feel more creative and inclined to do artsy things.


Or, you may just feel motivated enough to tackle everything on your to-do list! 


In general, most people find that the Green Crack strain is good for reducing stress relief and boosting moods. You may feel more social and euphoric when adding some Green Crack to your smoke sesh. 


However, if you’re prone to anxiety, be aware that this strain may be too strong and too stimulating for you. 


Many people find that Green Crack makes them feel paranoid if they’re already predisposed to anxiety before consumption.

Green Crack strain up-close

What Does Green Crack Cannabis Smell and Taste Like?

Along with the high THC levels and potent, blissful effects, the Green Crack strain is also popular for its unique flavor profile and aromas. 



Most people find that when they take a whiff of the Green Crack strain, they pick up notes of mangoes and citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. 



Upon smoking, you’ll notice that Green Crack also offers some earthy, woody flavors mixed in with the tangy, fruity notes. 


And, if you’ve got a super-refined flavor palate, you may even pick up the subtle hints of floral that this strain promotes. 



In general, the Green Crack strain has a very complex flavor profile that customers of all preferences.

Where to Find Green Crack Strains Near You

Interested in trying the Green Crack strain for yourself? We don’t blame you. 


Thankfully, this strain has become very popular and is even being mixed with various other strains to create Green Crack offshoots.


You can likely find this strain — or variants of it — at your local dispensary. 


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Plus, you are treated with priority service, and can even have your weed delivered straight to your door in certain states. 


So, if you’re ready to have the best experience possible with your Green Crack strain, we’re here to make that happen. 


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