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pineapple express strain

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As more and more strains flood the market, few remain that are household names like Pineapple Express. 


The Pineapple Express strain is one of the most famous cannabis strains on the market, both because of its effects and its impact on weed culture. 


Today, let’s take a deep dive into this unique strain, where it came from, and how it could make you feel after a few puffs.

The History of the Pineapple Express Strain

Pineapple Express is a popular hybrid marijuana strain known for its sweet, tropical aroma and energizing effects.


Many people believe it’s a cross between the strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian, although its exact origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery.


We just don’t know exactly where this strain came from or how it was initially introduced to the market.


But, we do know how it got popular. 


This strain rose to fame largely due to the 2008 comedy film of the same name, which brought Pineapple Express into the spotlight and solidified its place in cannabis culture.

Pineapple Express: The Movies & The Strain

Stoner movies have become a favorite film genre in the past few decades, and Pineapple Express is one of the most notable. 


The 2008 comedy starred Seth Rogen and James Franco and it played a significant role in popularizing the Pineapple Express strain itself. 


In the film, the strain is depicted as a rare and highly sought-after commodity, which adds to its mystique and appeal in real life. 


While the movie version of Pineapple Express is a bit of an exaggeration of the actual strain’s effects, it certainly helped in making the strain a household name — for both stoners and non-smokers alike.

Pineapple express strain

Effects of the Pineapple Express Strain

So, what are the effects of Pineapple Express like, and is it worth it to try? 


Of course, it’s worth mentioning that every person is going to have a different reaction to each cannabis strain they try.


This is simply how the plant works!


But, in general, most people find themselves feeling oh-so-uplifted after a few hits of this tropical strain. 


Pineapple Express is known for its uplifting and energetic effects, making it a popular choice for daytime consumption. 


Consumers often describe a happy, euphoric high that can also stimulate creativity and productivity. 


But, it’s not just about the mental effects: many consumers find it helpful for mild pain, inflammation, and fatigue due to its relaxing yet not overly sedative properties.

The Smells and Flavors of Pineapple Express

One of the most distinctive features of the Pineapple Express strain is its aroma and flavor profile. 


As the name suggests, it carries a strong, fruity scent reminiscent of pineapples, along with hints of other tropical fruits. 


The flavor is similarly sweet and tropical, often described as a blend of pineapple, mango, and pine.


This appealing combination of smells and flavors makes Pineapple Express a particularly enjoyable strain for anyone with a bit of an elevated palate. 


Even as you take hits of Pineapple Express flower, you’ll pick up on the fruity, tropical notes that this strain boasts.


Truly, it’s one of the most unique — and delicious — strains out there that you can try.

Where to Find Pineapple Express Strains Near You

If you want to find Pineapple Express strains near you, your best bet is to start by getting a medical marijuana card. 


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Even though you have to pay to get your card, cardholders are granted medical-only deals and discounts in places where weed is fully legal


At Elevate Holistics, you can get your medical marijuana card 100% online in minutes. Our MMJ doctors can answer any questions you may have about the process, too. 


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