Medical Marijuana for Inflammation

Medical Marijuana for Inflammation

Inflammation can lead to a wide range of medical conditions and chronic diseases, such as autoimmune disorders, and diabetes. The most common treatment for inflammation are steroids and other anti-inflammatory medications. These treatments have many side effects from muscle weakness to ulcers. When using marijuana for inflammation you eliminate many of those harmful side effects, reduce inflammation and begin to find relief.

But is marijuana good for inflammation? Here’s everything your need to know about medical marijuana for inflammation:

  • What Is Inflammation and What Causes It?

    Not all inflammation is bad. Inflammation is the way that your immune system fights infections, injuries, and illnesses. But sometimes our body attacks its own immune system which leads to pain, swelling, and joint stiffness even when there is no infection or trauma. This attack on itself leads to autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia. These diseases lead to chronic pain and will affect the quality of your life.

    But what is the main cause of inflammation in the body? The causes of inflammation can be from untreated infections or injury, or long-term exposure to irritants, such as polluted air.

  • Does Marijuana Help with Inflammation?

    Yes, and it’s why many states that have legalized medical marijuana have listed inflammation as one of the qualifying conditions for a medical card. Medical marijuana therapy can provide you with the necessary relief from inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

    There have been several scientific studies to support medical marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties, and these studies have proven to reduce pain, and fight inflammation. There are several strains of medical marijuana, and some are better at fighting inflammation due to their levels of CBD and THC. Both of these will help to reduce inflammation but can affect the way that you feel differently.

  • How Does Medical Marijuana Treat Inflammation?

    You may have heard that the overuse of marijuana can cause increased inflammation. But does marijuana cause inflammation or does marijuana reduce inflammation?

    Let’s look at how your body is affected by the use of medical marijuana. Both CBD and THC are an effective treatment for and prevention of inflammation because it reduces the production of cytokines.  Cytokines are small proteins that play a major role in controlling the immune system cells and blood cells. When your body produces too much you’ll experience inflammation because your body is doing its job in one aspect.

  • Effects of Marijuana on Inflammation Symptoms

    Inflammation symptoms can vary depending on whether it’s acute inflammation or chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is short-term and includes redness, pain, heat, and swelling. Whereas chronic inflammation is long-term and is internally resulting in illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and other health conditions.

  • Is THC an Anti Inflammatory?

    Yes, THC is a known anti-inflammatory and has been helping to reduce and prevent inflammation without the slew of harmful side effects. There have been many studies showing positive effects not only taming inflammation but also controlling the myriad ailments associated with inflammation.



  • Best Methods of Marijuana Treatment for Inflammation

    There are a variety of ways to use marijuana – smoking, vaping, and topical application. Each of these methods will provide you with different effects. Topical applications such as lotions are good for joint pain and inflammation providing you with localized pain relief and reduce swelling. While inhaling through smoking or vaping will reduce pain and swelling but it can affect your state of mind, giving you a high feeling.

  • Best Strains for Inflammation

    But what is the best marijuana for inflammation? With several different strains of medical marijuana, it can be difficult to choose which one is best to fight your inflammation. CBDs are better for localized higher CBD levels are best for treating pain and inflammation. You can choose products such as CBD lotions for joint pain. While higher levels of THC are more beneficial for those suffering from inflammation due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other types of inflammation. This makes Indica the best strain for inflammation and pain. And Sativias higher levels of CBD are the best strain for inflammation by applying locally.

    But there’s really no one answer since we are all affected differently. Sativa has higher levels of CBD and Indica has higher levels of THC. You’ll find hybrid strains as well.

  • How to Get Medical Marijuana for Inflammation

    Currently, there are 33 states that have legalized medical marijuana and more and more states are fighting to make it legal. Getting your medical card might have different processes for obtaining a card and different qualifying conditions. But regardless of what state you live in or what their exact process is, the first step is to have your medical condition qualified by a cannabis doctor.

    At Elevate Holistics, we offer doctor visits from the comfort of your own home through telehealth services and we’ve partnered with local doctors and businesses to make the process simple for you.

    Once your medical condition has been qualified you’ll complete an application, pay the fee and wait for your card. Every state differs in some ways, but Elevate Holistics can help.

  • People Also Ask (PAA) Questions:


    Is cannabidiol anti-inflammatory?

    There has been a great amount of research that has proven that cannabidiol reduces inflammation. A study was done on rats showing that CBD reduced inflammation due to osteoarthritis in rats.

    What CBD is best for inflammation?

    CBDs are a great option if you’re worried about feeling impaired from marijuana. You’ll find various types of CBD products such as oils. CBD oils are a great option as well as tinctures. Tinctures allow you to control your dosage and regulate the effects.

    Which cannabinoid is best for inflammation?

    Choosing between THC and CBD to treat your inflammation can be difficult. THC produces a feeling of being high, while CBD does not. Both will help to ease inflammation and pain.

    Do cannabinoids reduce inflammation?

    Yes, cannabinoids will reduce all types of inflammation and the many symptoms that inflammation causes, including pain.

    What cannabinoids help with inflammation?

    Trying to decide what the best cannabinoids are to treat your inflammation can be overwhelming. Both THC and CBD are helpful when it comes to reducing and preventing inflammation. THC has an intoxicating effect while CBDs do not.

    Does weed help with inflammation?

    Yes, the THC and CBD in weed helps to reduce inflammation throughout your body. Marijuana inflammation should go hand and hand.


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