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Marijuana buds in small jars; Jack Herer strain

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There are a handful of cannabis strains that are household names: Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and, of course, Jack Herer. 


Today, we’re focusing exclusively on the Jack Herer strain: where did it come from, what does it taste like, and who the heck is Jack? 


Let’s get started.

The History of Jack Herer

First things first: where did the Jack Herer strain come from, and who is Jack Herer himself?

Who is Jack Herer?

Often known as the “Emperor of Hemp,” Jack Herer was a famous cannabis activist and author.


Many people consider Herer as one of the key figures in California’s decision to legalize weed, essentially paving the way for the rest of the country to follow suit. 


After writing several popular cannabis-related pieces and even opening the world’s first hemp store in Venice Beach, Herer was heralded in the industry. 


From there, he wrote his most famous piece of work: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. 


This book took a real, honest look into the criminalization of hemp in the United States, which, of course, brought various skeptics.


But Herer knew the facts and even offered anyone $100,000 if they could prove that what he said wasn’t true. 


Still today, no one has ever proved Jack wrong. 


The man continued to fight for legalization in California, eventually founding the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) group. 


Though he passed in 2010, Herer was able to see just how influential his work was — not only in California, but in the entire United States.

How the Strain Came to Be

Inspired by Herer’s amazing influence within the cannabis industry, the famous Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds decided to breed a strain dedicated to the man


The exact background of the strain is still a bit of a secret, but many people believe that Jack Herer is a cross between Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk.

Jack Herer cannabis strain up-close

What Strain is Jack Herer?

With somewhat ambiguous genetics, it can be difficult to determine what kind of strain Jack Herer is. 


However, the Jack Herer strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. 


With Haze being a sativa, Northern Lights an indica, and Shiva Skunk an indica, it’s interesting how much of the Haze sativa effects carry through. 


But, with the stimulating results (that we’ll touch on more later), Jack Herer falls in the sativa-hybrid category.

How Does the Jack Herer Strain Taste and Smell?

When buying weed, a lot of people want to know what their strain is going to smell or taste like. And the same goes for Jack Herer!

The Jack Herer strain is known for having a very rich, pungent aroma. It has a spicy, pine-scented smell, which consumers often describe as fresh and earthy. 


Others may also pick up hints of lemon or citrus, adding a tangy zest to the overall scent profile. In general, the smell of Jack Herer is often considered invigorating and refreshing.


When smoked or vaped, the strain offers a flavor profile that complements its aromatic notes. 


The primary taste is quite woody and earthy, with a distinct pine flavor that mirrors its scent. This is usually accompanied by a spicy, herbal undertone, too.

Interestingly enough, the primary terpene in Jack Here is terpinolene, known for its fruity profile. After that, the most abundant terps are caryophyllene and pinene

Marijuana plants growing; Jack Herer strain

Jack Herer Strain Effects

As a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, many people know Jack Herer for being stimulating and great for inducing creativity. But, the strain is fantastic for more than just that. 


Most consumers will immediately pick up on the buzzy, uplifting effects that come from this strain.


Jack Herer is great for boosting moods and leaving a smile on your face — even after the most stressful days. 


Others find the strain ideal for enhancing mental clarity and focus, as it’s a strong cerebral strain. With that, though, Jack Herer is also known for being very calming and great for reducing stress. 


The medicinal effects of Jack Herer are going to vary from person to person, but it’s often consumed for its pain-relieving, stress-reducing, mood-boosting characteristics.

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