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While the color of your cannabis flower doesn’t indicate potency, the frostier the weed you have, the better. (Usually.) Frosty weed strains indicate high growing standards and sometimes even higher potency, making them some of the most sought-after strains on the market.

In case you’re a cannabis connoisseur looking for the highest-quality options at your local dispensary, we’re listing the best frosty weed strains on the market today

From indicas to sativas and of course in-between hybrids, we’ve got some frosty weed strains that’ll have you stunned — and incredibly stoned. Let’s get started.   

What Makes Frosty Weed Frosty? 

Before we get into the best frosty weed strains to puff on, let’s clear something up: what actually makes frosty weed frosty? 

Take a look at your cannabis flower. Up close, you’ll notice that the buds are coated in a crystal-like, sticky substance. The more of these “crystals” that are on your flower, the more frosty it will look. 

These crystals are a part of the cannabis plant called trichomes. 

If you had a microscope, you’d notice that trichomes aren’t actually crystal-like at all: instead, Leafly describes them as “mushroom-looking protuberances” that cover the bud. 

Trichomes are one of the most vital parts of the cannabis plant, as they are what produce the very cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that we know and love. 



This means that when you have a hefty number of trichomes on your cannabis flower — hence, frosty weed — you’re likely to have a better, more powerful, and even more flavorful experience. 

Not every frosty weed strain is top-shelf, though. When you have a frosty strain, you’ll want to look closely at the trichomes to ensure they are white and have mushroom-like shapes. Sometimes, big portions of the plant will be missing these sticky crystals. This may mean it’s less potent, machine-trimmed bud. 

However, when you have frosty weed strains that are coated in crystals throughout, you’re much more likely to have a better high. Plus, you’re going to fill your kief catch pretty quickly, too — and enjoying kief is an experience in and of itself.  

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The Best Frosty Weed Strains to Try 

Interested in trying some high-quality, naturally crystal-coated frosty weed? We don’t blame you. 

Here are the four best frosty weed strains to try on the market today. 


Dosidos (also known as Do-Si-Dos or Dosi) is easily one of the most frosty weed strains you’ll ever come across.

This breathtakingly stunning hybrid strain offers dark purple hues, bright orange notes, and some seriously crystal-coated buds. And, when you smoke it, you’ll fall in love with the floral yet spicey notes that the Dosidos strain is known for.

It may be a bit harder to come across these days, but if you do, you’ll be shocked at how powerful and beautiful this frosty weed strain is. 

Frosty OG 

It’s all in the name. The Frosty OG strain is known for its frosty appearance and little brown hairs throughout. 

If you’re looking to totally relax and decompress, the Frosty OG strain is a great option. This crystal-coated bud is typically utilized for stress-relief and boosting mood, making it great for those who are feeling down and out.  


Mimosa is another frosty weed strain that will have you in awe. 

Also known as Purple Mimosa, this strain is a wonderfully balanced hybrid that offers some of the juiciest, most distinct orange and other citrus flavors. Mimosa is great for lifting moods and helping with motivation, while it can also be great for calming anxiety and reducing pain when enjoyed in larger doses.

Mimosa is more popular than ever nowadays, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding this frosty weed strain at your local dispensary. 

Frosty Gelato

Once again, the name says it all: this type of Gelato strain is all about being frosty. 

Frosty Gelato was made by crossing Gelato with the Brain Damage strain, resulting in a super-frosty, low-THC strain that’s wonderful for beginner consumers. If you want a frosty strain that won’t have you stoned to the bone, Frosty Gelato is a great choice. 

Medical marijuana patients find that Frosty Gelato is a perfect option because of its distinct medicinal results. Unfortunately, this strain is a bit rare, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find it.

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Frosty Weed vs. Moldy Weed: What to Know

Before we let you go, it’s important for us to establish that there’s a big difference between frosty weed and white weed. 

As we’ve established, trichomes create a crystal-like, sparkling coating on your cannabis buds. And, when looked at even closer, the source comes from mushroom-like glands. 



However, if you look at your weed and it looks closer to white than crystal-coating, you may be looking at moldy weed, instead. 

Moldy weed often looks fuzzy and white up close. (It can also sometimes appear in black or green spots, similar to the mold you’re used to.) It will also emit an unpleasant, musty smell. 

On the flip side, quality frosty cannabis will emit bright, pungent smells with distinct notes. Often, if you can’t tell with your eyes whether you’re looking at trichomes or mold, your nose will do the trick. 

Enjoying the Best Frosty Strains With an MMJ Card From Elevate Holistics 

Now, you not only know what makes frosty weed frosty, but you know about some of the best frosty weed strains out there (as well as how to tell if your bud has gotten moldy). 

With all this talk about frosty weed, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of these strains for yourself. However, the best way to enjoy the highest-quality buds at the lowest price possible is by getting your medical marijuana card. 

Even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal recreationally, having your MMJ card grants you access to bigger discounts, lower taxes, priority service, and more. You’ll be able to buy your frosty weed strains at a lower price and likely in a higher amount, too. 

Ready to enjoy frosty weed strains?

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