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Spooky season is upon us! And it comes with all the fun and thrills of Halloween – that time of the year when we put up the scariest performances and costumes.

The holiday is filled with lots of smoke, candies, and chocolate, with plenty of opportunities for you to indulge in the wild side of the holiday. If you’re up for it – and we know you are – here are some of the best Halloween weed strains to enjoy this creepy season.

Let’s get spooky!

Zombie OG

We have this aptly named strain to kick off our Halloween weed strains. What’s Halloween without a zombie infestation?

No, Zombie OG won’t transform you into a flesh-eating undead, but why does it make our list of Halloween weed strains?

With a THC content of 17%, this very potent indica is just the right spooky strain to get into the spirit of the season. It won’t eat your brains, but if you’re looking for a mind-blowing experience, Zombie OG it is.

This cross between OG Kush and Blackberry has an earthy aroma accompanied by a sleepy effect. Due to its strong sedative effects, you will be too calm and relaxed to do any frenzied zombie work.

Watch out for the munchies: this is where your zombie skills come in handy when you hit the kitchen in search of food. It’s best to have this at night after a day of Halloween festivities. 

Phantom OG

This is one of those Halloween strains that will elevate your creative powers and make you feel like you’re Dr. Strange. Hit this strain if you want to make the meanest, baddest Halloween costumes and props on the block.

Phantom OG’s dominant characteristics are heightened energy and creativity, followed by a gradual descent into relaxation and sleepiness. 

With that creative burst of energy, you’ll be flowing with inspiration for Halloween ideas.

Just like the name, this one will make you feel like a light and weightless phantom as you glide all over the place in a euphoric haze.

At first, you will feel a euphoria that will induce a dreamy state of mind and fixated concentration. Over time, euphoria will fade into relaxation and sleepiness.

Its aroma is a rich blend of pine and lemon with subtle accents of menthol. Users have reported it is effective in helping with insomnia, pain, loss of appetite, and arthritis.

Ghost Train Haze 

Fasten your seat belts and brace yourselves; Halloween is about to get wild! If you want to lay the tracks for a really fun Halloween ride, you can’t go wrong with Ghost Train Haze.

This strain is a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, and it delivers a potent THC dose of 18% and has been used to help with pain, depression, and loss of appetite.

It is sure to lift whatever clouds are hanging about and free up your mind to engage in the Halloween fun carousel.

A word of caution, though: go easy on this one if you’re a beginner or have a low tolerance. 

Jack The Ripper

We can’t write a list of Halloween weed strains and leave out this beauty with the monstrous name – Jack the Ripper.

Also known as JTR, this strain is a sativa-indica hybrid, but its sativa parent dominates its characteristics.

Most users prefer it because it can deliver a heady dose of euphoria without the manic energy characteristic of Sativa strains.

JTR is a cross of a clone of Jack’s Cleaner and a male variation of Space Queen known as Space Dude.

It can help treat depression, anorexia, stress, and chronic pain. Its effects include euphoria, calmness, and focus. It has a distinct lemon taste with notes of pine and citrus.

Monster Cookies

Surprise! Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple had a baby – Monster Cookies. It makes our list of Halloween weed strains because It’s not really Halloween until the monsters come out to play.

If you want a less exuberant and more chilled-out Halloween experience, this is the spooky strain for you. Its Indica effects deliver a high that relaxes the mind and body and will leave you zoned out.

Monster Cookies gets its aroma from its parent, Granddaddy Purple, with top notes of grape and berry. It has been used to treat muscle spasms, chronic pain, and nausea.

halloween weed strains

Hell Fire OG

Don’t mind the name; this spooky strain is more likely to pull you heavenwards. With an average THC content of 20%, it hits hard and fast.

Hell Fire OG was first grown in California and is a cross-product between the indica SFV OG Kush and the hybrid OG Kush. Given its high THC levels and the euphoria it comes with, it is a favorite of veterans seeking that high top note.

Its aroma is reminiscent of that signature OG smell of lemon diesel and earthy spice. People turn to this strain to relieve stress, pain, and depression.

Death Star

Bred from a potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, this strain packs more punch than its indica ancestry suggests.

At first, the effects set in slowly, like finding a landing spot for its starship in your mind. With time, you’ll enter a state of relaxed euphoria where all the troubles in your mind float away, leaving you in the soothing cuddles of the Death Star.

The aroma is a pungent, skunky, sweet smell. It helps relieve pain, anxiety, and stress.


Your Halloween weed plans are incomplete without this sedative, hunger-inducing, 80%-indica strain.

Frankenstein’s potent THC levels average between 18%-22%, and it delivers a high that will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and sleepy. 

The deep relaxation it induces means you’ll be unlikely to be on monster duties on Halloween; you’ll prefer the heady company of your mind.

It smells like citrus and mangoes and helps with stress, pain, and anxiety.

Candy Kush

Whether you’re tricking or treating, Candy Kush is a veritable member of the Halloween weed gang. 

It is a balanced hybrid of OG Kush and Trainwreck, and its effects can swing between sativa or indica depending on how much you consume and how you consume it.

People know of Candy Kush for its legendary munchies; watch this one to make sure it doesn’t transform you into a ravenous zombie raising the kitchen in search of a bite.

The aroma is subtle, sweet, and sugary, and it will help with stress relief, pain, and anxiety.

Hell Cat

Apart from the cool name, why does this strain make our list of Halloween weed strains? Potency, pure unbridled potency.

At 26%-30% potency, this strain sure puts the pedal to the metal, and what’s more, it’s a balanced 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid, so you’ll get a heady, full-body experience.

Consumers often use Hell Cat to alleviate the symptoms of conditions like pain, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and appetite loss. So you see, you’re in for a rollicking time this Halloween.


Now, it really does get spooky, but don’t worry, there’s no dark energy at work here, just you summoning the fun bus.

Voodoo is a full sativa strain you’re sure to enjoy. With a THC level of 8%-12%, it is suitable for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about consuming weed that is too potent as long as you consume it in small amounts.

It has long-lasting euphoric effects that will chase the clouds away and ensure you have a happy Halloween.

Tips for Enjoying Weed This Halloween

Now that you know the best Halloween weed strains, let’s talk about some important points you need to keep in mind while enjoying weed this Halloween.

Go Slow and Steady

We get it; Halloween is a license to indulge, and we don’t plan to hold you back but don’t jump in all at once. It is easy to overindulge in all the rush and excitement, increasing the risk of greening out.

So, start slow and ease into the fun. You may watch your friends blowing puff after puff, but don’t rush in to join them. How your body reacts to weed is largely dependent on your endocannabinoid system, and no two systems are the same.

Watch Those Edibles

It’s trick-or-treat season, so there’ll be enough edibles going around. It’s a great option for users who prefer not to smoke or want an experience that lasts longer.

We have to warn you, though: watch what you eat. The effect of edibles kicks in later and lasts longer than when you smoke them, and this one has caught even seasoned pros off guard.

Edibles can take up to 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in, and this delayed reaction may make you think you need a larger dose to feel the effects. The key is to consume a small quantity and then wait for a while to see how it feels.

No Sneaky Treats!

If you prepare edibles when your friends visit, ensure everyone knows there’s weed in them. 

Weed is fun and enjoyable only when it’s your choice to consume it; don’t ruin Halloween for someone else.

Alcohol and Weed

If you plan to consume alcohol and marijuana this Halloween, you should know that alcohol can intensify the effects of weed. It’s okay to take your regular dose of weed, but adding alcohol to the mix may result in an unexpected heightened reaction.

Know your limits and indulge responsibly.

Check Local Marijuana Laws

If you’re looking for Halloween marijuana strains, we assume weed is legal where you live. But make sure you check the laws because states that have legal marijuana usually have laws that stipulate where you can and can’t use marijuana.

halloween weed strains

Public consumption is usually illegal, and before you light up in the privacy of your home, check that you’re allowed to do so. Landlords and property owners can prohibit marijuana consumption on their property as part of the lease agreement.

Don’t Drive Intoxicated

Be a responsible user and stay away from the wheels after consuming weed. Take a cab or appoint a designated driver if you’re going out with friends. DUI can attract penalties ranging from fines to jail time.


Feel free to take things to the next level this Halloween with cool cannabis accessories. Bongs, grinders, pouches, you can light up Halloween with cool marijuana accessories.

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