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“Cannabis is our passion and our expertise. At Elevate Holistics, we’re dedicated to simplifying the complex world of medical marijuana, making it accessible and understandable for everyone.” 


Meet the heart of Elevate Holistics – our Research Team, a dynamic group of professionals with a shared passion for all things cannabis. Our team is a melting pot of expertise, featuring doctors, pharmacists, and holistic health practitioners. Together, we blend our diverse backgrounds to offer a unique perspective on medical marijuana. We’re not just researchers; we’re educators and advocates, dedicated to demystifying the world of cannabis for our community. Our team works tirelessly to provide clear, accurate, and practical information, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of medical marijuana with confidence and ease.


Nerolidol terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Nerolidol

The cannabis plant is packed full of terpenes — some more common than others. The nerolidol terpene, specifically, may not be the most well-known component

Oreoz Strain

Strain Spotlight: Oreoz

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, introducing new and exciting strains that capture the attention of connoisseurs and casual consumers alike. One such addition to

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Can a Caregiver Grow Weed in Illinois?

Sometimes, Illinois medical marijuana patients need help accessing and consuming their medical marijuana. Thankfully, this is where IL caregivers come in. But does a caregiver’s

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