The Best Strains for Sex to Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Feb, 2022
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Flowers, chocolates, dinner, and a movie. Every year, it seems like Valentine’s Day is the same. So, why not add a bit of spice to your V-Day and throw cannabis into the mix? Cannabis and intimacy may not seem like your most conventional combo, but many consumers are finding benefits that stretch all the way into the bedroom. That’s why, today, we’re talking about the best strains for sex to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

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Cannabis and Intimacy? What’s the Deal?

We know what you’re thinking: cannabis and sex? No way.

Yes, way! As we’ve begun to discover more about the cannabis plant and its incredible properties, we’re learning how these properties can also help enhance our intimate lives. And, surprisingly, MMJ can do this in various remarkable ways.

First and foremost, people have found that cannabis and intimacy make a great pair because of the plant’s pain-relieving properties. Unfortunately, especially as we age, our bodies undergo changes and some positions don’t quite feel as comfortable as they used to. Thankfully, cannabinoids like CBD are known to promote anti-inflammatory properties that can help relax muscles and make sexual situations feel more comfortable. Women especially can utilize products like CBD suppositories to ensure that the pelvic area is relaxed. 

It also appears as though certain cannabinoids can help promote arousal, getting you even more in the mood than you already were. Products like CBD massage oil or even THC-infused chocolate body paint are great for spicing up your V-Day and feeling more aroused — and sensitive — than usual. 

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Best Strains for Sex

Now that we’ve quickly established the connection between sex and intimacy, it’s time to discuss the best strains for sex.

Some cannabis strains contain arousing, pain-relieving properties that are wonderful for enjoying before time between the sheets. If you’re looking to enjoy Valentine’s Day in a whole new way, it’s time to try out these best strains for sex and intimacy. 


Cookies strains have curated incredible popularity in the cannabis industry over the past few years. Today, you’ll find Cookie strain crosses all throughout your dispensary, so it won’t be hard to find this best strain for sex before Valentine’s Day. 

People find that the Cookies strain is a great option to enjoy before intimacy because of the euphoric, tranquil effects that the strains are known to produce. Specifically, Cookie offspring like Sunset Sherbet and Gelato are great for getting you in the mood. Plus, you and your partner will love the bright, dessert-like flavors that come from Cookie strains. Pair it with some chocolate-covered strawberries and you’re all set for a romantic evening. 


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Many consumers find that Do-Si-Dos is one of the best strains for sex out there. This is because Do-Si-Dos contains arousing, pain-relieving terpenes that aid in sexual pleasure and relaxation. After a few puffs of this strain, you’ll likely notice an enhanced sense of stimulation, making touches feel even spicier than before. 

Do-Si-Dos is also an incredible strain for sex because of the cannabinoid’s calming properties. For those with performance anxiety — or maybe anxiety from sexual trauma — this strain may help you relax and enjoy yourself to your fullest. Let those stressors wash away with this blissful, supportive cannabis strain. 

Wedding Cake

Another tasty, yet arousing strain to try out this Valentine’s Day is Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake is one of the best strains for sex because of its relaxing yet stimulating properties and energizing terpenes. Unlike some indica-dominant hybrids, this strain won’t leave you glued to the couch. Instead, you’ll be blissed out and rearing to go, comfortable as ever with your partner alongside you. 

Thankfully, Wedding Cake has also gained serious popularity over the past year, so you likely won’t have any problem finding this strain at your local dispensary. You may also find this strain labeled as “Triangle Mints #23.” Either way, this hybrid strain is a delicious way to spice up your Valentine’s Day differently. 

Northern Lights

If you’re someone who gets too in their head before sex, this strain is for you. Northern Lights is one of the best strains for sex because of its calming, supportive characteristics. Most of us get quite nervous before heading to the bedroom, and this can sometimes be a hindrance to our experience and satisfaction. Let that performance anxiety fade away as you puff on the calming Northern Lights strain. 

Northern Lights is also fantastic for reducing pain and helping to enhance stimulation. You’ll find that both your mind and body will feel more relaxed after consumption, helping you experience pleasure to its fullest. This strain is a classic in the world of cannabis, and you won’t have any problem finding a Northern Lights strain in one of your nearby dispensaries. 

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Ideal Terpenes for Arousal

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More than just the best strains for sex, we also thought it would be important to address some of the most ideal terpenes for arousal, too. 

Terpenes are aromatic compounds within the cannabis plant — and other plants — that present unique properties when consumed. Along with having novel flavor and scent profiles, terpenes can also help promote certain effects in the body — like arousal. Here, we’ve broken down three of the best terpenes for helping you spice up your V-Day this year. 


Consumers love turning to limonene-rich strains to enjoy for sex and arousal. This terpene is known for promoting feelings of weightlessness and bliss, helping you feel less stressed and ready for intimacy. Whether you’re with a partner or alone this Valentine’s Day, the limonene terpene is a great way to get your mind and body relaxed and prepped for pleasure. 

Some great limonene-rich strains to try this holiday are Dos-Si-Dos, Wedding Cake, and White Fire OG.


Linalool is another terpene that’s perfect for enjoying time between the sheets. The linalool terpene is popular for its mood-boosting, calming properties that can help make sexual experiences feel all the more satisfying. Some studies even point to linalool helping with sex drive directly. So, if you want an added boost to your bedroom routine, try adding some linalool to your Valentine’s Day.

Here are some high-quality linalool strains for sex to try: Wedding Mints, Zkittles, and Do-Si-Dos.


Finally, a wonderful terpene for arousal is caryophyllene. Caryophyllene is well-known for its spicy aromas, but it’s also good for adding some spice to your sex life, too. This terp is known to help increase arousal and stimulation while reducing pain and stress. Altogether, this creates the perfect recipe to get you feeling relaxed and oh-so-turned on. 

Good Caryophyllene-rich strains include Cookies and Cream, Chemdog, and Girl Scout Cookies. 

Get the Most Out Of Your Valentine’s Day With MMJ

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