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Cherry Pie strain

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Cannabis strains, truly, have never been so tasty. With options like the Cherry Pie strain, you can feel like you’re puffing on your favorite dessert all day long


Speaking of the Cherry Pie strain, what does this bud have to offer? What kind of effects can you expect from this strain, and what kind of strain is it in the first place? 


Below, we’re taking a deep dive into Cherry Pie, putting the spotlight on this tasty, dessert-forward cannabis.

Who Created the Cherry Pie Strain?

Like so many of the sweet, dessert-like strains on the market today, you can thank the Cookies family for Cherry Pie’s curation. 


This strain was first bred in San Fransisco a few years ago by the Bay Area’s PieGuy. (Yes, that’s his name.)


Eventually, Jigga, the head geneticist at Cookies, began cultivating the seeds, producing Cherry Pie strains throughout California. 


Today, you can find this fruity strain in many places throughout the US; but, if you’re lucky enough to be in San Fran, you may be able to get your hands on the OG Cherry PieGuy strain.

What Strain is Cherry Pie?

The Cherry Pie strain is a 50/50 hybrid that’s known for its well-balanced effects.


A perfect blend of uplifting and calming, this hybrid is great for those seeking equilibrium within their highs. 


Many people report this strain having a strong cerebral effect, typically resulting in a fit of giggles.


This is great for those who want to cheer up a bit, or just unwind after a bit of a rough day. 

With this kind of euphoria, medical consumers often turn to this strain if they have high levels of stress and anxiety, or are battling with bouts of depression. Cherry Pie may be the strain you need to get a smile on your face.

Cherry Pie strain

Cherry Pie Strain Effects

As we mentioned, the Cherry Pie Strain is an uplifting one.


When it comes to effects, it’s not uncommon to feel blissed out after taking a few hits of Cherry Pie. 


This strain is popular for its balanced effects, though many people seek it because of how soothing it tends to be. 


Most people won’t experience high levels of paranoia from this strain; in fact, it may be the opposite!


If you usually suffer from potent anxiety symptoms, Cherry Pie might be able to calm you down a tad. Or, at the very least, put a smile on your face. 


Those who aren’t normally talkative may find themselves being a bit braver and louder after a few puffs of the Cherry Pie strain, making it great for social gatherings

How Does the Cherry Pie Weed Strain Smell and Taste?

If you couldn’t tell by the name, the Cherry Pie weed strain is going to smell and taste sweet. 


The flavor profile of the Cherry Pie strain is sweet and sour, with flavors of red fruits and cherries melting on your tongue, while hints of sour citrus zest hang around long after you take a hit.

Other Cherry Pie Strains

If you love the taste and effects of the Cherry Pie weed strain, but are in the mood to try something a little different, we’ve got you covered. 


Here are a few other options when it comes to adjacent Cherry Pie strains that you can check out.

Cherry Pie strain

Lemon Cherry Pie Strain

Looking for something a bit more zesty? 


This strain combines the fruity, sweet profile of Cherry Pie with zesty lemon flavors, often resulting in a more energizing and uplifting effect. 


The lemon aspect adds a fresh, citrusy twist to the classic Cherry Pie experience that you’ll fall in love with right away.

Black Cherry Pie Strain

Black Cherry Pie is a twist on the traditional Cherry Pie, featuring a darker, richer berry flavor reminiscent of black cherries. 


This strain may offer a deeper, more relaxing effect, often with a heavier body sensation compared to the original Cherry Pie.

Cherry Cream Pie Strain

Cherry Cream Pie is a creamy, smooth variation of Cherry Pie, with added notes of vanilla or cream to the sweet cherry base. 


This strain often provides a balanced effect, combining relaxation with a gentle euphoria, making it a softer, more soothing version of Cherry Pie.


Each of these strains maintains a core connection to Cherry Pie through the signature cherry flavor and aroma.


But, they also bring their unique twists, whether it’s through additional fruit flavors, creamy notes, or different, potent effects.

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Book your appointment today using the button below and experience the true beauty of the Cherry Pie weed strain. 

Check out our other strain spotlights below: 

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