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In the past, cannabis strains used to be all about the skunk and gas. But, these days, you find mouth-watering strain options — including the Mimosa strain

Mimosa is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular strains of the past few years.

Now, you can find Mimosa strains of all types, potencies, shapes, and sizes. But, what’s so great about the Mimosa cannabis strain? 

From flavor to potency and everything in between, let’s cover the ins and outs of the Mimosa weed strain — and why you should try it for yourself. (If you haven’t already.)

All About the Mimosa Weed Strain

First things first: where did the Mimosa strain come from, and how long has it been on the market? 

As is the case with most cannabis strains, we cannot verify the creation of Mimosa 100%. However, the most credible story says that the strain was first curated only a few years ago, back in 2017

Mimosa was initially started in Northern California, but its explosion in popularity over the next few years allowed the strain to reach the entire medical and recreational market in the US. 

Today, you can find a version of the Mimosa strain at almost any dispensary across the country.

It’s worth noting that you may also hear this strain being referred to as “Purple Mimosa.” This is the same strain, and it simply depends on where you’re at and who is selling the flower or product.

What Strain is Mimosa?

We’ve learned where it came from, but what strain is Mimosa? 

The Mimosa strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s a cross between Clementine, which is a sativa strain, and Purple Punch, an indica strain. 

Thus, the strain itself is a hybrid, but tends to have more apparent sativa-like qualities. Still, many people find Mimosa to have both relaxing and stimulating characteristics, making it great for anyone seeking a nice balance.

Mimosa Strain Effects

We’ve hinted a little bit about the Mimosa strain effects, but what exactly does this strain offer in terms of highs? How is it most likely to make you feel? 

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s not uncommon for the Mimosa weed strain to induce creativity and even heighten stimulation.

Many people find it great for uplifting moods and making clearing your to-do list so much easier. 

While it is sativa-dominant, the Mimosa strain is also nice and relaxing. It’s well-known for providing a heavy body high that’s great for reducing aches and pains and helping you feel more comfortable overall. 

Mimosa may also be good for reducing stress levels. 

However, it’s important to note that the strong sativa qualities of this strain may cause some anxiety for those who are prone to feeling nervous or paranoid. 

What Does the Mimosa Strain Taste Like?

Just like its name says, the Mimosa weed strain offers prominent fruity, citrusy flavors that remind you of a cold drink during brunch. 

You’ll pick up hints of orange and notes of grapefruit and pine that create a luxurious yet delicious flavor profile that you’ll absolutely love smoking on. 

The main terpene within the Mimosa weed strain is mycrene. It also contains levels of pinene and caryophyllene.

What Does the Mimosa Weed Strain Look Like?

Even just to the naked eye, the Mimosa weed strain is one of the most beautiful strains you can come across. 

This hybrid offers the best of both worlds when it comes to appearances.

The dark green flower offers deep purple hues spread throughout that contrast the bright orange hairs that light up the flower. 

Plus, the Mimosa strain is known for its crystal-coated looks, as it produces a high amount of kief.

Where to Buy Mimosa Strains Near You

As one of the most popular strains on the market today, many people are constantly searching for “Mimosa strains near me.”

Thankfully, you don’t have to look hard — especially when you have a medical card. 

Getting a medical marijuana card grants you access to the best, highest-quality strains — just like Mimosa — for the lowest prices possible

Cardholders are exempt from most taxes, and you also get ahold of specific medical-only discounts. And, in the case of a weed shortage, you always have priority.

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Then, you’ll gain access to the huge selection of Mimosa strains in your area. 

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