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How much does a medical marijuana card cost

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In this day and age, we understand just how important it is to save money where you can — including on your cannabis. 


With that in mind, how much does a medical marijuana card cost, and is it worth it to buy one over utilizing recreational? (Not to spoil it, but the answer is definitely yes.


Below, we’re exploring the costs of getting a medical marijuana card — as well as how much you’ll save by having one. 

The Doctor’s Visit

First, let’s start with the doctor’s visit. 


To get your medical card, you will have to meet with an MMJ physician who ensures you qualify for medical cannabis in your state. 


Not only do you have to pay for the appointment, but if you live in a rural area, you may have to pay the cost of transportation to a doctor who handles cannabis evaluations.


And you may have to miss work to complete the appointment or ask others to miss work to provide transportation. This is inconvenient and indirectly increases your medical marijuana card costs.


But, with Elevate Holistics, that simply isn’t the case. 


With Elevate Holistics telehealth doctors, you can schedule at your convenience and our doctors will evaluate you from your own home.


Plus, our physicians are trained specifically in helping patients benefit from cannabis, which makes the process go more smoothly and quickly. 


These benefits save you time and money and make the whole medical marijuana card process as easy as possible for you.


Visits with our telehealth doctors start at as little as $80 per appointment. However, prices vary depending on your state. 


We can also submit your application for you for a small additional fee, or you can download the physician form to complete the application yourself. This gives you even more control over the cost of your medical marijuana card.


We also offer discounts for veterans and for Medicare patients.

How much does a medical marijuana card cost

State Application and Renewal Fees for Patients

So, how much does a medical marijuana card cost in your state? Well, that can vary depending on where you live and other details.


Some states offer discounted fees to certain patients, and some states offer a variety of cards.


For example, Illinois medical marijuana card costs vary for several reasons.


They offer discounts to patients who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).


They offer one-year, two-year, and three-year med cards and renewals for varying fees.


In comparison, the cost of a medical marijuana card in Ohio is per year only, and they offer discounts to both veterans and those on Medicare.


Plus, some states charge a lower rate for a renewal card, while others charge the same fee every year.


Other states, however, don’t even charge a state fee at all.


So, you could pay anywhere from nothing to around $100 for your state registration fee. 

Designated Caregiver and Cultivation Costs

If you need someone to help you purchase or pick up your cannabis, then the caregiver fee is an additional medical marijuana card cost.


Caregivers must have a card documenting their right to enter dispensaries and purchase for you.


Designating a caregiver at the time you apply is a wise idea even if you don’t anticipate needing help. You never know when an emergency may occur and having someone as a backup can help you avoid delays in getting help.


Plus, some states charge more if the caregiver application is submitted separately from your initial application.


You can reduce your overall medical marijuana card costs by doing everything at once.


If you live in a state that allows cannabis cultivation for personal medical use, then you most likely will also have to complete another application and pay an additional fee for the certification to grow.


In that case, you would need to weight the cost of the additional application fee against the potential cost savings of growing your own supply.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost?

How much does a medical marijuana card cost

Of course, the cost of medical marijuana can vary significantly across the United States, influenced by factors such as state regulations, the quality and strain of the product, and the competition among dispensaries.


Generally, the price for medical marijuana, particularly flower, is determined per gram or ounce, with prices fluctuating based on supply, demand, and taxation levels unique to each state.


The price for medical marijuana flower can range widely, but here’s what you can expect in the US:


  • Per Gram: The cost for a gram of medical marijuana flower might start around $5 to $20, depending on the quality and the state where it’s purchased.
  • Per Eighth: Your average 3.5 grams in the US is going to cost about $30-$50. However, you can find them for cheaper (or more expensive) depending on the brand, quality, and state. 
  • Per Ounce: When buying by the ounce, prices can range from $200 to over $400. Buying in larger quantities often results in a lower cost per gram but requires a larger upfront expense.

So, Is Medical Marijuana Cheaper?

Believe it or not, yes, it is much cheaper to have a medical marijuana card than to buy recreational weed. 


Here’s why.


While you do have to pay the initial fees for your card, you will pay for these within your first few trips to the dispensary simply with the amount of money you save in taxes.


Recreational cannabis is subject to hefty taxes, making the cannabis products much more expensive than advertised. In most states though, medical marijuana is either tax exempt or does not have the same tax levels as recreational weed. 


This means that if you buy the same product as an adult-use consumer, you’re going to be paying less with your medical card. 


Not only that, but many dispensaries that serve both recreational and medical patients will offer medical-only discounts to cardholders — making your purchase even cheaper. 


So, no need to worry about the initial fees: with an MMJ card, you’re going to be saving significant money over time. 

Save Money and Get Your MMJ Card Online Today

So, how much does a medical marijuana card cost? 


While it’s going to depend where you’re at, at Elevate Holistics, we’re sure to give you one the best — most affordable — experiences around. 


Not only are our telehealth appointments affordable, but they’re quick, easy, and you don’t even have to leave the couch. Instead, you’ll be done in minutes. 


If you’re ready to get your medical marijuana card and start saving money today, click the button below to get started. 

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Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

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