Top Five Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Jul, 2021
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Do you really need a medical marijuana card? What if you live in a recreationally legal state? While we can't force you to do anything, there's a good chance that having a medical card in your hands is still more than worth it. As a patient who needs medical cannabis regularly, there are so many reasons to get a medical marijuana card in your state. Seriously, having a medical marijuana card even has its benefits in places where adult-use cannabis is legal and thriving. But, how? Don't worry: here are Elevate Holistics' top five reasons to get a medical marijuana card.

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The Many Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Other than having access to medical cannabis in general, having our own MMJ card brings a world of benefits all on its own. At first glance, you might be turned off to the idea of paying for this sort of card, but, we promise, that number pays for itself really quickly.

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Below, you'll find our top five reasons to get a medical marijuana card in your state.

Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card #5: The Legality of it All

In states where only medical marijuana is allowed, it is illegal for you to use cannabis without certification — and this comes in the form of your medical marijuana card. The penalties for unlawful possession of marijuana vary from fines to imprisonment or even both, but having your MMJ card gives you a physician’s backing and the complete protection of the law to possess marijuana. (Controlled amounts of marijuana, that is.) Consequently, that exempts you from penalties as long as you enjoy within the constraints of the state MMJ program.

In addition, you should remember that cannabis is an illegal drug federally. Thus, even if you live in states where recreational marijuana is legal, it is advisable to get your MMJ  card to get that extra legal protection. Also, if you are less than 21 years old, having your medical marijuana card in states with MMJ programs is a legal way to access cannabis for pain and other complications. States with medical cannabis programs allow minors to purchase medical marijuana with the assistance of their caregiver.

 #4: You Get Certain Perks & Discounts

Medical dispensaries tend to sell a wide range of cannabis products such as edibles, concentrates, flowers, etc., at a discounted price. The only way to access these products is if you present your MMJ card. Some medical dispensaries also offer different kinds of discounts, coupons, special deals, reward programs, and store credit bonuses to their loyal MMJ customers.  Remember that medical dispensaries are only open to medical marijuana patients with medical marijuana cards.

States understand that you rely on your MMJ card for relief from your medical conditions. So, why not give you a bit of a discount? A lot of local dispensaries place their medical customers at high importance, allowing for extra-special treatment. Of course, if you're not a medical patient, this doesn't mean your local dispensary won't treat you well! It just means that having that medical card may grant you a bit more than you'd regularly get.

Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card #3: You’re Always First Priority

There is simply no point in waiting long hours in a queue to get your medical cannabis prescription if you have your MMJ card. In essence, having your medical marijuana card gives you a priority position. In a state like Illinois, where recreational cannabis and medical cannabis are legal, you, as a medical cannabis patient, command regard at the dispensaries. Some of these dispensaries have dedicated lines for medical cannabis users, and it reduces your waiting time. Some states, such as Illinois, also prioritize the supply of cannabis to medical markets, which prevents shortage cases.

Simply put, with a medical card, you come first. You're always number one! When it comes to cannabis, this is the best outcome you could hope for.

#2: You Save a Lot of Cash

Even though you have to incur costs when getting your MMJ card, there are still ways you will eventually be saving cash by using your MMJ card to access medical cannabis. A medical marijuana card gives you access to your state’s medical dispensaries. One significant benefit of buying from these dispensaries is that they may sell medical cannabis at a reduced cost. It is a substantial benefit for you as a medical marijuana patient because you need to access marijuana for your medical conditions constantly. With this in mind, some dispensaries may even work with you to afford your cannabis products if they do fall out of your budget range.

In addition, in several states where the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is legal, you will find that the sales tax on medical cannabis is lower. Much lower. Lower tax translates to lower costs of medical cannabis products, saving you a boat-load of cash. In a state like California, you pay a sales tax rate of over 40% on recreational cannabis. However, if you buy from medical dispensaries with your MMJ card, you pay only about 15% in sales tax.

Oh, and don't even get us started on Illinois cannabis sales taxes.

#1: You Have Access to a Diverse Selection of High-Quality Cannabis Products 

Medical marijuana dispensaries usually have the best grade of tried, tested, and trusted cannabis products. The cannabis products they sell have gone through a series of tests to ensure quality. With your MMJ card, you can easily order cannabis from any of these dispensaries, giving access to a wide range of high-quality products such as sprays, tinctures, creams, capsules, gels, and so much more.

Ready to Get a Medical Card for Yourself? 

Suffering pain isn’t a pleasant experience, but it is good to know that medical marijuana can help. As you now know, getting a medical marijuana card gives you many benefits, including saving you a few bucks — especially if you need to buy regularly. Take advantage of these benefits by getting your medical marijuana card.

Ready? No need to stress yourself about that! Elevate Holistics is here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process in the easiest way possible. Our telehealth platform allows you to get your medical card in just three simple steps, and your online appointment will only take 30 minutes. At this point, there's no reason not to get your medical marijuana card! Find your state below, book an appointment, and get started today.