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While a medical marijuana evaluation is no SAT, many patients panic at the idea of it, putting it off until (or if) their state goes recreational.

But why put yourself through this struggle when a medical marijuana evaluation is such a walk in the park?

The MMJ card process is much easier than you think, especially now that you can do your medical marijuana evaluation online from the comfort of your home.

Here are the five most important things to know before going into this unique type of appointment. 

What is a Medical Marijuana Evaluation?

A medical cannabis evaluation is typically a short appointment – sometimes 15 to 30 minutes – with a state-licensed physician to assess your health conditions and records, ask you some questions, and determine if you’re qualified to use medical marijuana.

Before the introduction of telehealth, patients – even those with very severe conditions – had to book physical appointments and go through the stress of leaving their homes despite having torturous body pains or crippling anxiety to visit the doctor’s office.

Thanks to Elevate Holistics and a few other telehealth service providers, patients can now undergo their medical marijuana evaluation online in any weed-legal state.

Once done with the medical marijuana card evaluation, the physician enters your information in your state’s MMJ registry, thus approving you for an MMJ card.

5 Things to Know Before Your Medical Cannabis Evaluation

There are five things you must know when preparing for your medical marijuana screening.

And with these five things in mind, you’ll find that getting your medical marijuana card is much easier than you ever thought.

1. You Need to Have All Your Documentation Prepared

Ensure that you have a valid state-licensed ID and your medical record at hand before your medical cannabis evaluation. You may have to submit your documentation ahead of your appointment, depending on how the service provider works.

The documents serve various purposes:

      • The state ID is to ensure that you’re up to the legal age to use medical marijuana according to state laws. Secondly, to confirm that you’re a resident of the given state. While some states offer medical marijuana reciprocity for out-of-state patients, no state allows non-residents to fully enroll in their MMJ registry/program. In most states, a valid driver’s license, a government-issued state ID, or a Veteran’s Administration card would suffice.

      • Your medical record serves as an insight into your past experiences with the health system and also helps the attending physician confirm if you have the ailment for which you’re trying to access medical marijuana.

    It is important that you submit documents with accurate details and cross-check with your service provider to confirm that they input your details correctly. Once submitted, changing the details in most states’ registries is quite a stressful ordeal.

    2. They’ll Ask About Medical History & Alternatives

    While reviewing your medical record, the physician will most likely ask you about some details in your medical history.

    First and foremost, the physician wants to be sure that your ailment is a qualifying condition according to the state’s medical marijuana laws. They may also ask questions to know who treated you in the past and the treatment methods used.

    These questions are usually framed to help bring clarity to the fuzzy details of your medical history and to have a better understanding of the treatment alternatives you have tried.

    Some medical marijuana doctors may ask if you have used marijuana before now. Do not be afraid to answer truthfully – they won’t tell on you. They just want to know how you react to marijuana and if to recommend a specific dosage just for you.

    From your answers, the physician will determine if you’re fit for medical marijuana or not.

    3. Online Appointments Are Quick and Painless!

    Doing your medical marijuana evaluation online is simply the best option for you. It’s a lot less imposing, and more importantly, you don’t have to drag your ailing body to physical appointments.

    With online appointments, you can be done with your medical marijuana card evaluation in 15 minutes – Elevate Holistics assures you of that!

    With Elevate Holistics, it’s quick and hassle-free: no waiting time, no unnecessary preparations to deal with the public, and you don’t have to aggravate your symptoms with the stress of taking a trip to the doctor’s.

    What’s more? All things considered, you’d find that the cost of getting a medical marijuana evaluation online – with Elevate Holistics – is considerably cheaper than physical appointments.

    When thinking of medical cannabis evaluation, think of getting it online. Think Elevate Holistics.

    4. You Can Ask Questions & Seek Advice

    Your medical marijuana screening is not a one-sided affair. You’re not a defendant in a dock answering all the questions thrown at you.

    Always feel free to ask the physician questions on cannabis-related matters that are not so clear to you.

    For instance, given your condition, what should be the best cannabis consumption method for you? What would a proper dosage for your condition look like? Would medical marijuana counteract your ongoing treatments?

    5. Medical Marijuana is Not Covered By Insurance

    A survey by Medicare Plans found that 66% of respondents strongly agree or agree that insurers should cover marijuana. 

    And 38% of those who don’t want medical marijuana insurance opted to be on the nay side because they fear insurance will increase the cost of medical marijuana.

    It is clear that with fair conditions, most MMJ patients would love for their medical marijuana to be under insurance coverage. 

    Unfortunately, for as long as marijuana is illegal under federal law, that’s not going to be the case.

    So, bear in mind that with everything medical marijuana, you will be paying out-of-pocket. Thankfully, some MMJ service providers do offer discounts every other time.

    What to Say at Your Medical Marijuana Evaluation

    As stated earlier, the physician will ask you some questions during your medical cannabis evaluation.

    It helps to know what to say at medical marijuana evaluations when these questions come up. The questions often revolve around your ailment and why you think medical marijuana will help.

    Assumably, you have tried some other treatment methods to no avail. 

    Before expressing your utmost need for medical marijuana, it’s important to stress that other treatment alternatives have not been very helpful in managing yourchronic pain or other symptoms.

    Inform the physician of the difficulties you have had in the past with alternative treatments and how you think marijuana could be of help to you based on results from marijuana research and anecdotes from registered MMJ patients with similar conditions.

    Really, what to say at medical marijuana evaluation should be no cause for anxiety. But if you’re anxious, consider taking deep breaths.

    You can also point out that according to state laws, you have a qualifying condition and would like to undergo a medical marijuana card evaluation and get access to the top-shelf marijuana you need to relieve your symptoms.

    Some of the common qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include:

        • Cancer
        • Chronic pain, or conditions that cause severe pain
        • Crohn’s disease
        • Epilepsy
        • HIV/AIDS
        • Terminal illnesses

      Some states have up to 20 qualifying conditions. Check your state’s medical marijuana laws to know the applicable conditions before scheduling your medical marijuana evaluation online.

      Even if you do not qualify, you should check out our post on how to get a medical card without a condition in some states.

      You can also check if your state makes provisions for patients to suggest medical conditions to qualify, then push to qualify for your medical condition.

      Where to Get a Cheap Medical Cannabis Evaluation Online

      If you’re looking for a cheap medical cannabis evaluation, Elevate Holistics is simply the way to go.

      We offer amazing discounts and competitive pricing on first-time and renewal services. 

      And our prices can go as low as $80, which is way less than you can get from other telehealth platforms for medical marijuana evaluation online.

      Be sure to ask us about our discounts, including veteran and Medicare discounts, when you book our service.

      Book With Elevate Holistics Today for Your Quick, Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation

      With Elevate Holistics, doing your medical marijuana card evaluation online in any weed-legal state is a simple walk in the park, and it only takes about 15 minutes!

      Our affiliate physicians are vastly knowledgeable in medical marijuana concerns and will be very happy to answer any questions you may have during your appointment. 

      They also have a deep understanding of qualifying conditions and how they affect patients, so you don’t need to overly worry about what to say at medical marijuana evaluations.

      As always, our medical assistants are happy to help you sort your documents and complete your state application where applicable.

      Click here or the button below to book your online medical marijuana screening appointment with Elevate Holistics and get your MMJ card right away!

      Getting your medical card has never been so easy.

      With Elevate Holistics, you can get your MMJ card online and in less than 30 minutes -- gaurenteed.

      Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

      Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

      About the author

      Ally Hilbert is the Content and SEO Manager here at Elevate Holistics, working to publish and run Elevate’s blogs and landing pages, as well as conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. After having brain surgery at the age of 17, Ally became fascinated with medical cannabis and its benefits, and, at 18, had her first CBD-related piece published. Today, she’s been writing about cannabis for the past six years, and simply can’t think of a better company to get to do it for. When she’s not writing or editing, Ally’s side-by-side with her pup Sadie in Seattle.
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