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Gelato strain

Strain Spotlight: Gelato

For most people, the only thing that might come to mind when they hear “gelato” is Italian ice cream.  However, if you’re a cannabis connoisseur,

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Are edibles legal in Oklahoma

Are Edibles Legal in Oklahoma?

Are you an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient with a taste for edibles, or do you prefer to eat your medicine rather than smoke it? We


Adding Hydrogen to Cannabis: HHCO vs HHC

In the world of weed, there’s always room to grow and discover new cannabis variations. Recently, these discoveries have gained popularity with compounds like THCP,

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CBD sunscreen

Exploring CBD Sunscreen

These days, you can find hemp-infused products of practically all types — including CBD sunscreen. That’s right: you can find high-quality CBD-infused sunscreen available for

How to find weed dispensary near me in Texas

How to Find a Texas Dispensary Near Me

In 2015, Texas legalized medical marijuana when it made low-THC marijuana products legal for patients with epilepsy under the Compassionate Use Program. However, the medical

marijuana taxes

Let’s Talk Marijuana Taxes

All over the country, cannabis businesses and recreational marijuana consumers are feeling the painful bite of marijuana taxes, and it’s not doing much good for


Cannaoil: What It Is and How to Make It

We’re sure you’ve heard much about cannabutter, cannabis budder, and the other ways to enjoy cannabis, but that’s not all. There’s another tasty side of

is delta-8 federally illegal

Is Delta-8 Federally Illegal?

Cannabinoids and their legalities are beyond confusing, changing all the time. At one point, delta-8 THC seemed widely accepted, and now, people are regularly asking,

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