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Blue Dream strain

Strain Spotlight: Blue Dream

This edition of our Strain Spotlight Series focuses on Blue Dream, a cannabis strain with distinctive potency and terpene profile that’s been making waves across

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Cannabis and Anti-Psychotic Drug Interactions

Marijuana vs. Meds for PTSD Patients

MMJ vs. Anti-Anxiety Meds for PTSD Recently, Elevate Holistics’ Aspen Jewel and Dr. Merchant went live on FB to discuss and answer viewer questions about

where can I buy marijuana in Missouri

Where Can I Buy Marijuana in Missouri?

It’s been less than four years since voters approved the ballot initiative to fully legalize medical marijuana in Missouri, but there are now over 200

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Is Marijuana Legal in Massachusetts?

No matter where you’re at — from Massachusetts to California —  you must understand the cannabis laws in your area. These laws tell you everything

dispensaries in New Jersey

Can You Get a Medical Card Under 18?

Adults can make decisions for themselves, and medical marijuana laws empower them to access medical marijuana. But, what happens with children? After all, the ailments

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Maryland

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Maryland?

With the states’ choice to decide the fate of medical and recreational cannabis, it seems like weed laws conflict practically everywhere you go. And they

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

With mixed cannabis legalization in Iowa, the Hawkeye state’s cannabis laws are currently some of the most limiting and confusing in the country. If you

New Jersey dispensaries

New Jersey Dispensaries Continue to Expand

New Jersey dispensaries got the go-ahead to start selling legal, recreational marijuana in April. And since then, New Jersey cannabis sales have been booming. Currently,

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