How Many Dispensaries are in Missouri?

how many dispensaries are in Missouri

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Now that weed is legal in the Show-Me state, residents are wondering where to find a medical marijuanas dispensary in Missouri. Testing out different marijuana dispensaries is one of the joys of cannabis consumption, and we’re here to help!

Does Missouri have dispensaries? How many dispensaries are in Missouri? Will more pot dispensaries in Missouri open now that recreational weed is legal?

If you’re a cannabis consumer in Missouri, you’ve probably searched: “medical marijuanas Missouri dispensary near me.” 

Here, Elevate Holistics will overview some of the state’s favorite pot dispensaries in Missouri and explain how they will evolve now that MO weed is legal.

Are you ready to get into the Missouri dispensary list? Let’s go!

Missouri Dispensary List

Does Missouri have dispensaries? Yes! How many dispensaries are in Missouri? According to Missouri’s DHSS, there are 214 licensed dispensary facilities in Missouri. 

The list of approved dispensaries in Missouri is vast. Here, we’re listing some of Missouri’s favorite dispensaries and the cities in which they reside. Find a medical marijuanas dispensary in Missouri and start your day right.

  • BeSame Wellness
    • Kansas City
    • Liberty
    • North Kansas City
    • Smithville
    • Warrensburg
  • Greenlight
    • Kansas City
    • Harrisonville
    • Independence
    • Berkeley
    • Ferguson
    • St. Louis
    • Cape Girardeau
    • Poplar Bluff
    • Sikeston
    • Hayti
    • Branson
    • Joplin 
    • Springfield
  • Good Day Farm
    • Belton
    • Buffalo
    • Cape Girardeau
    • Columbia
    • Concord
    • Imperial
    • Independence
    • Jackson
    • Joplin
    • Kansas City
    • Kennett
    • O’Fallon
    • Rolla
    • Springfield
    • St. Ann
    • St. Clair 
    • St. Louis
  • Terrabis
    • Hazelwood
    • O’Fallon
    • Creve Coeur
    • Springfield

For now, any “medical marijuanas Missouri dispensary near me” search will only show locations offering medical marijuana. The earliest adults 21 and older can purchase recreational cannabis in Missouri is February 2023.

Will More Pot Dispensaries in Missouri Open?

How many dispensaries are in Missouri? Currently, Missouri’s DHSS lists 214 licensed dispensary facilities. Will the Missouri dispensary list grow now that recreational weed is legal in the state?

Over the next few years, the list of Missouri dispensaries will grow.

how many dispensaries are in Missouri

With the enactment of Amendment 3 on December 8, any already established medical marijuanas dispensary in Missouri can apply to sell cannabis products recreationally with a comprehensive license.

Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services will begin awarding comprehensive licenses to medical marijuana facilities by February 6, according to Amendment 3.

However, when dispensaries start selling recreational cannabis products is up to the individual owners.

The state will offer 144 additional licenses to new business owners by early 2025. DHSS will create a lottery process to select which applicants will receive these licenses.

Owners of any dispensaries, cultivation facility, or marijuana product facility cannot own more than 10% of the state’s market.

Does Missouri have dispensaries? Yes, and the Missouri dispensary license list will evolve after recreational weed becomes available.

When searching “medical marijuanas Missouri dispensary near me” in the future, Missouri residents and visitors will see more options in the upcoming years.

Access Medical Cannabis Now With an MMJ Card

Does Missouri have dispensaries? Yes! How many dispensaries are in Missouri? The list of dispensaries in Missouri provided by Missouri’s DHSS includes 214 licensed dispensary facilities.

Our Missouri dispensary list doesn’t include all of the pot dispensaries in Missouri. Search “medical marijuanas Missouri dispensary near me” to find a dispensary that’s right for you. Finding a local dispensary that fits your vibe is the fun part.

To have access to cannabis products at any medical marijuanas dispensary in Missouri now, you must have your medical marijuana card.

What’s the best way to get an MMJ card, you ask? Elevate Holistics is the best place to get a medical card in Missouri.

Elevate Holistics is a telemedicine medical marijuana clinic that virtually connects patients to certified physicians for MMJ approval. 

Through a hassle-free video chat, our doctors provide medical cannabis recommendations – the first step in getting your MMJ card. We can also help with the rest of the process with our full-service add-on.

Would you like lower costs at the dispensary, higher cannabis purchase and possession limits, and greater legal marijuana protection in Missouri?

Book a doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics for a medical marijuana card.

Elevate Team

Elevate Team

Elevate Holistics is a telehealth platform focusing on getting people their medical marijuana cards and physician’s medical cannabis certifications / recommendations as simply and easily as possible. Today, Elevate Holistics operates in multiple states, has served thousands of HAPPY PATIENTS, and is innovating to provide doctors & patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience.

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