Michigan Cannabis Laws: MI Regulates Delta-8

Jul, 2021
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With the rise of numerous laws pushing for the regulation of the consumption of cannabis, governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a new Michigan cannabis law a couple of weeks ago. The signed legislation package ensures that the state will strictly regulate the hemp-derivative delta-8 THC. This new law takes effect from October 11, 2021

Michigan Cannabis Laws

What’s Going On?

Michigan believes it is an imminent need to regulate delta-8 THC products. After all, unregulated products derived from cannabis have the potential of causing damage to users. Without a proper understanding of the cannabinoid, the Great Lakes State cannot risk selling these products. Improper understanding leads to improper use, and no one wants to be at risk.

Delta-8 is a somewhat psychoactive chemical substance found in marijuana that has similar effects as the consumption of cannabis. It has been easily accessible in many states based on the speculations that it has milder effects than the traditional THC cannabinoid — delta-9 THC. The muddied legality makes delta-8 THC a rampant commodity in gas stations, shops, and locations typically unlicensed to sell traditional marijuana.

While researchers carry out studies to fully understand the interaction between the drug, the human body, and brain receptors, it was essential for Michigan Lawmakers to regulate its consumption. This regulation is to curtail its use while they figure out lasting solutions.

Amendment made to the Michigan cannabis laws in this effect include:

  1. Amending the Michigan regulation and taxation of Marihuana act to define THC and modify the definitions of industrial hemp and marijuana
  2. Allow the MRA to exclude certain THC products from the definition of tetrahydrocannabinol.
  3. The total amount of THC that a product intended for human or animal use can contain.

Other states like California and Washington are considering regulatory provisions similar to the one Michigan lawmakers have adopted.