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Since cannabis laws are completely unique in each state, remembering which places have legalized the plant and which places haven’t can be tough. In places like the South, cannabis regulations tend to be stricter than most, leaving many residents with unanswered questions. Today, we’re starting with the Magnolia state and asking ourselves is there medical marijuana in Mississippi

From MMJ legality to how the state’s program is doing in 2022, we’re covering it all regarding MS medical marijuana. Let’s dive right in.

So, is there medical marijuana in Mississippi? Theoretically, yes — the state’s medical cannabis program allows those with qualifying medical conditions to get their hands on MMJ. However, they have yet to actually enact their medical marijuana program, despite the topic being an issue of debate for just under ten years now.

Let’s quickly break down the history of medical marijuana legality in Mississippi.

2014 – Harper Grace’s Law

Back in 2014, Mississippi recognized the need for medical cannabis in the state after seeing how the plant’s cannabinoids helped a little girl named Harper. Harper benefited tremendously from CBD for her epilepsy; thus, MS signed HB 1231, otherwise known as “Harper Grace’s Law.”

This law stated that those who have a debilitating epileptic condition can obtain and consume cannabis products with at least 15% CBD but no more than 0.5% THC. Harper’s Law also applied to those under the age of 18: minors just required a parent/guardian to purchase products on their behalf. 

For a while, this was simply how things were when it came to MS medical marijuana. Was there medical marijuana in Mississippi? Kind of. But, it wasn’t what the residents fully needed. 

2020 – Initiative 65A

Thankfully, things began changing in 2020. Residents showed their support for MMJ, voting for the program to accept medical cannabis for 22 different qualifying medical conditions.

Initiative 65A allowed for caregivers to purchase and possess products on a patient’s behalf, as well as letting medical professionals recommend medical cannabis for those with debilitating conditions.  

The state was supposed to begin issuing IDs and rolling out sales by August of 2021 when Mississippi medical marijuana saw more roadblocks. 

2021 – The Mayor of Madison

In May of 2021, just a few months before the state was set to finally see its medical marijuana program, the mayor of Madison stepped in. 

The Mayor requested that the state’s Supreme Court effectively invalidate Initiative 65A, no longer fully legalizing medical cannabis in MS. Even though the state passed the bill by over 70%, it didn’t seem to matter.

The court ruled in favor of the hard-headed mayor, and the state was back to where it started. 

2022 – SB 2095 and Medical Marijuana in MS

It may have taken years, but in 2022, Mississippi residents finally got what they’d been asking for. In February of 2022, the state passed SB 2095.

This State Bill legalized medical cannabis for patients with qualifying medical conditions. It also outlined regulations regarding marijuana in Mississippi, possession limits, cultivation laws, and so forth.

The State of Marijuana in Mississippi Today 

Back to our original question: is there medical marijuana in Mississippi? 

While the state approved the program, MS has yet to dispense licenses for practitioners, issue MMJ cards for patients, or even grant approval for Mississippi dispensaries. This process is supposed to happen next month, in June of 2022.

As long as nothing else gets in the Magnolia State’s way, the Mississippi State Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program should be in full swing by this summer. We can cross our fingers and hope for the best for our MS residents.  

Average Cost of Marijuana in Mississippi 

With the state finally legalizing medical marijuana in MS, a lot of residents have questions about what to expect from the program and the products themselves. Specifically, many are curious about what the average cost of marijuana in Mississippi might end up being, and whether or not this is going to be something they can afford. 

Within newer medical markets, the price of weed tends to be a bit higher than in other, more established locations. Because of this, residents are likely to see slightly pricey MMJ products for the first few months — or even years — that Mississippi dispensaries operate. However, the average price will probably decrease over time.

It’s also worth noting that, right now, MS has some of the lowest prices for street weed in the entire country. So, this may very well translate over to their legal market eventually. Only time will tell.

How to Find a Dispensary in Mississippi 

Is there medical marijuana in Mississippi that you can purchase from a licensed dispensary? Not yet. Residents only have access to “dispensaries” that sell CBD and hemp products; there is no medical cannabis.

Thankfully, this should change soon.

Again, by June 2022, the MSDH will distribute licenses for cannabis cultivation facilities. However, the Mississippi Department of Revenue is in charge of distributing dispensary licenses. The MDOR has exactly 150 days from the day that the state approved SB 2095 to start the dispensary licensing process.

Unfortunately, this may mean that, while you can get your MMJ card come summertime, Mississippi dispensaries may not actually open for sales until months later.

Regardless, once there are medical marijuana dispensaries in Mississippi, it will likely be easiest to find them through the state’s website. The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program should provide a list of all licensed and approved medical dispensaries in the state. Then, you’ll be able to choose which ones you’d like to check out.

Of course, once this becomes available, we’ll make sure to update you. 

Getting Your Mississippi Medical Card — And All Your MMJ Info

When it comes time to actually get your Mississippi medical marijuana card, Elevate Holistics will be the one to walk you through every step of the process. From where to apply and what documents you’ll need, to even providing you with qualified physicians, we’re the MMJ experts you’ve been looking for.

When the Mississippi medical cannabis market opens up, it’ll be a learning experience for all of us. But the experts here at Elevate Holistics will be by your side every step of the way.

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