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Zkittles strain

Strain Spotlight: Zkittles

We all know that the cannabis industry loves to put out strains with some unique names, often after some of our favorite munchies. But we’re

caryophyllene terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Caryophyllene

The caryophyllene terpene is one of the most well-known within the cannabis plant — but what does this terpene really have to offer?    Today,

Strain Spotlight: Grape Ape

Grape Ape is a well-known strain in the world of weed. Many people seek this fruity strain for its distinct flavor profile, while others flock

shutterstock 1986224435 scaled

What is Kratom and Is It Safe?

Kratom, an herb derived from a tree native to Asia, is gaining popularity across the US due to its therapeutic benefits. Kratom consumers report relief

buying medical marijuana online

Can You Order Medical Marijuana Online?

If you have found yourself repeatedly asking Google or Siri: “Can you order medical marijuana online?” or “Is buying medical marijuana online legal?” and you

shutterstock 1951326679 1 scaled

Is Weed Legal in New York?

Usually, marijuana legalization comes with rules and regulations that you must be aware of to use the wonder drug legally and safely. This is even

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