Marijuana And Anxiety: The States That Qualify


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In the last few years, the number of people living with anxiety disorders in the United States has continued to increase rapidly. Currently, they are the most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions affecting over 40 million adults 18 years and older. And, after the past few years we’ve had, this isn’t entirely surprising. 

Anxiety disorders are often characterized by constant stress and tension about upcoming events, lead to restlessness, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, and many other upsetting effects. With how grueling it can be live to with the mental illness, many people are becoming curious about the relationship between marijuana and anxiety. Is it helpful? What are the side effects? And, most importantly, where can I get an MMJ card for anxiety?

Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we’re here. Let’s start talking. 

Marijuana and Anxiety: The States That Qualify

What States Allow MMJ Cards for Marijuana and Anxiety?

Using medical marijuana (MMJ) for anxiety has been proven effective for people from all backgrounds, whether the fears are chronic or just occasional. Of course, you cannot completely “treat” anxiety with a few puffs of cannabis. But, it sure can make the symptoms a lot more manageable — if you consume it responsibly, that is. 

Because of the therapeutic benefits we’re now seeing, a few states in the US currently list anxiety as one of the qualifying medical conditions for MMJ.

The states that qualify marijuana for anxiety are;

For these states, being diagnosed with the approved type of anxiety disorder is enough to qualify for a medical marijuana card. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health lists anxiety as an approved medical condition for MMJ: this has been effective since July 2019. Likewise, Puerto Rico makes it legal for persons living with anxiety to get relief from marijuana and its related products. However, they have restrictions on the cultivation of cannabis. Also, all patients must hold an MMJ card and must only purchase from licensed dispensaries.

In North Dakota, patients are allowed marijuana for anxiety only if they’re residents of the state. So, residents with an MMJ card can get and use cannabis. Lastly, New Jersey’s Health Division of Medicinal Marijuana also includes anxiety in their list of medical conditions that qualify to use MMJ. So, if you’re living in any of these states and are hoping to get your hands on an MMJ card for your anxious mind, you’re in luck. 

Other States’ Takes on Medical Cannabis and Anxiety

If you don’t live in those few states, you’re not entirely out of luck. Other states like California, Oklahoma, and Missouri give their physicians the discretion to recommend marijuana treatments for patients without outrightly listing approved medical conditions. This means that if you can prove that your anxiety disorder is hindering your everyday life, you can still likely get your medical card for this reason.

Furthermore, for states where recreational marijuana is legal, residents 21 and over can use weed for anxiety after discussing it with a qualified physician.

Nevertheless, with more states working towards legalizing marijuana, this number could easily increase soon. 

Should You Use Marijuana for Anxiety?

To use marijuana for anxiety, you will need to get the help of an MMJ doctor familiar with the relationship between marijuana and anxiety in the first place. You should always consult with a cannabis professional, like the ones here at Elevate Holistics, to see if MMJ is right for your anxiety disorder. 

While the right products can help people with anxiety get their lives back, the wrong products could do more damage. For example, many people find that THC-heavy cannabis strains exacerbate their anxiety symptoms, while CBD-rich strains help calm the mind immensely. Typically, experts suggest turning to CBD strains for your racing thoughts, as the calming effects of the cannabinoid can do wonders for your anxiety. 

Again, we must stress that marijuana and anxiety will act differently for every person. Because of this, the choice is entirely yours as to whether or not you should try MMJ for anxiety. However, with the help of professionals and some much-needed advice, there’s a good chance that some CBD products may be in your level-headed future. 

Marijuana and Anxiety: How Elevate is Here to Help

Whether you’re ready to use cannabis for your anxiety disorder or you’re still curious about how the whole MMJ process works, Elevate Holistics is here for you. Our online services are easier to navigate than any in-person doctor’s office, and all of the cannabis information you could ever need is right at your fingertips. Even if you aren’t the best with technology, we make our telehealth services completely effortless on your end. 

Check out our other information regarding marijuana and anxiety to see if the combination is right for you. Then, book an appointment through our website and take control of those anxious thoughts once and for all with Elevate Holistics. 

Elevate Team

Elevate Team

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