Weed and Meditation: Is There a Connection?

weed and mediation: is there a connection?

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When we mention weed, the only thing some people think is, “oh, that substance gets you high!” But is that all? Of course not. If you have been around for so long, you already know that weed helps to relieve stress and anxiety. But, weed isn’t the only thing that helps reduce these uncomfortable feelings; meditation is also an excellent stress-relief practice. Close your eyes and imagine what effects combining weed and meditation would have. Now, open your eyes, and let’s find out.

weed and mediation: is there a connection?

The History of Meditation

The exact origin of meditation is unclear, but historians tell us that meditation dates back thousands of years ago in India, specifically 500 BC. Around 400 BC, the Hindu scholar had started writing different texts of The Yoga Sutras. During this period, they saw meditation as the eighth of the nine steps of yoga. 

Historians also tell us that meditation in the West began with Buddhism in the 18th century. A significant milestone in the history of meditation was 1922 when Siddhartha, a book about Buddha’s spiritual journey of self-discovery, was published. The massive impact of meditation on health and general wellbeing from that time remains to date. Little wonder meditation remains one of the oldest and most commonly used techniques for enhanced mental and emotional stability.

Is There a Relationship Between Weed and Meditation?

On its own, meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety while also improving overall health. On the same note, marijuana also enables you to reduce stress and anxiety. So, is there a relationship between weed and meditation?

Yes, we believe so. The relationship between weed and marijuana is such that each can exist without each other but can produce better results when combined. In recognition of how well weed can help meditation, certain religious sects such as the Buddhists and the Shaivites have introduced weed into their meditation rituals. They believe that there is a relationship between both that can bring about increased awareness.

The Effects of Smoking Weed before Meditating

Smoking weed before you meditate helps to increase your consciousness. Weed is known to help elevate your mind and keep you relaxed, so what is a better combination for a great meditation session than this?

Getting your body into a relaxed state is not something that comes easy for some people. Even when you are physically ready to meditate, you still find your mind wandering to different thoughts such as those bills, work deliverables, etc.  However, smoking weed could help achieve a level of quietness in your mind and keep you relaxed, thus allowing you to get the best result from your meditation.

Generally, the effects of smoking weed before meditating varies for people. While it helps some relax their body, it helps keep the minds quiet for others. Combining weed with meditation for others could help them gain insight while it would help some others connect with their spiritual side. 

How to Use Weed and Meditation to Clear the Mind

You can use weed and meditation to clear your mind differently – there is no hard and fast rule. However, there are certain things we suggest that you consider when using weed and meditation to clear your mind. One of these is choosing the right strain. If you have been consuming weed for a while, you already know what strain helps you relax and which ones keep you energized. Needless to say, you should use the relaxing strain when you want to clear your mind and meditate.

Also, if you are new to meditation, you may want to practice meditation on its own without consuming weed. Consequently, you may realize that you don’t even need weed to reach a state of quietness in your mind, and meditation alone is sufficient for you.

Remember: Weed and Meditation Might Not Be For Everyone

Please note that weed and meditation aren’t for everyone – it all depends on your body. Some people use weed before meditating, and there is no change in their meditation experience, while others get into a quiet and relaxed mode when they use weed before meditating. The best way to know what category you fall into is by trying out both methods; use weed before meditating, and meditate without using weed on another occasion. That will help you to understand the difference in your experiences and decide what works for you.

Finding What Works for You Through Elevate Holistics

That’s pretty much everything about the connection between weed and meditation. A critical factor for using weed before meditating is getting the strain right. You can choose to try out different strains and see what works for you, but you can also speak with professionals to make the process of finding what works even faster. Ready to find out? Elevate Holistics is here to help you make an educated choice effortlessly. 

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Elevate Team

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